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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Salt Lake City, Utah Teacher Confiscates Kids Lunches And Throws Them Away

Parents in Salt Lake City, Utah are outraged and they should be. Because the parents were behind in paying for their children's lunches, a teacher took the food away from those kids and threw it away. The children were then given fruit and milk. Not only were these kids singled out and shamed in front of their peers, they were made to feel like crap because of a teacher.

Now, I have to ask why? Is it better to have made your statement in such a way and throw the food away? Or would it have been better to not waste the food and let them eat it and handle the situation more discretely? You know, it isn't the children's fault that the parents are behind on their school lunch. At least those parents are trying and they don't have their child on the free lunch program.  

But this isn't the first time this has happened. It happened in Maine, Massachusetts, Indiana and Kentucky as well. This is what happens when you let liberal dolts come in and try to "fix" things. If a child is required to go to school, then the school should be required to feed them. By throwing away the food that had already been served, they only caused themselves a deeper loss than where they were when faced with accounts that were delinquent. Why is this hard to understand? Why are liberals allowed to control everything? Doesn't anyone have a spine anymore? Someone's head would have been on a platter and a job on the chopping block if this happened to my son. 

Every day, the news does nothing but sicken me more than the day before. The stupidity of my fellow humans is astounding. There is no common sense and there is no moral decency any longer. As soon as my son's school turned to common core and I saw the Obama bobble-head in the principles office, I knew I had to home-school immediately. I'm sure it has saved me from trying to raise bail money. Wake up America. Please.


  1. I cannot believe that our country has come to its all time low, and now punishing our own kids by not letting them eat as a punishment! This litteraly infuriates me! Its a sad day that in our country even the worst of the worst prisoners by law are given meals even according to their needs (allergic/diabetic). I would have been thrown in jail that day and somebody would've been in the hospital not able to eat but through IV or a straw. Just saying.

  2. I is so infuriating to see these things happen yet be virtually helpless in stopping them. Too many just don't care.

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