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Sunday, January 26, 2014

American Heroism Alive And Well In 8 Year Old Boy

I am a woman and as such, at times I am prone to tears over the simplest of things. As I write this, my eyes are wet and my heart is breaking.

The little boy pictured above is Tyler J. Doohan and he is 8 years old. He died a few days ago in a house fire that claimed not only his life, but the life of his disabled Grandfather and another relative. But the most spectacular part of this tragedy is that Tyler had already saved 6 other people. He ran back into the burning home in an attempt to save his best friend, his disabled Grandpa. 

As of this morning, more than $60,000 has been raised to help with Tyler's funeral expenses. That link is here if you wish to help;

Tyler was only 8 years old but he embodies everything America is about. Giving selflessly in order to help another. A Country loving, God fearing President would perhaps state that if they had a son, he would be like young Tyler and not a thug wearing a hoodie. I can't help but think that there is not a true American among us who would object to Tyler receiving the Presidential Medal of Honor, because he most assuredly deserves it.

I know that guns were not involved in this incident but I would like to bring up another point. American citizens who obtain their Concealed Carry Permit do so in order to protect others. We have our weapons at home and we have them in order to protect our family, but we don't need a CC to do that. That concealed carry is so that when we are out and about and something bad happens, we can be ready to step in and help, just as Tyler did, fearlessly giving his own life so that another may live.

John 15:13 states:
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Perhaps if a teacher at Sandy Hook had had a weapon, all those little children would not have perished. Perhaps if more adults were like Tyler, the evil in this world would be pushed back just a little bit more. America salutes you, Tyler, and we know that you are nestled safely in God's loving arms. We lost an incredible soul, but God gained a mighty warrior. You were 8 years old, yet you held more courage and love in your heart than many adults today. In Biblical numerics, the number 8 stands for New Beginnings. I pray your passing brings about a New Beginning of sorts for the rest of us. That we may be more like you and strive to make America as great as she once was.


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