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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rock Star Says He Sees ‘No Difference’ Between Eating Meat & Pedophilia

No… I’m pretty sure I don’t stalk my cow in a sexual manner, seduce it and then eat it. You are an idiot, Morrissey! You are nothing but pig fodder!

1980′s English rock star Steven Morrissey said in an online interview this week that he doesn’t see a difference between eating meat and pedophilia.
“I see no difference between eating animals and paedophilia (sic),” he said, responding to a question about what’s motivated him to be a vegetarian. “They are both rape, violence, murder.”
Rock Star Says He Sees No Difference Between Eating Meat & Pedophilia
English singer Morrissey performs during the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway on December 11, 2013. Artists from all over the world gathered at the Oslo Spektrum to help spread the message of peace and celebrate this year’s Nobel Peace Prize laureates, Ahmet Uzumcu, Director General of the Organisation for the Prohibiton of Chemical Weapons. (Daniel Sannum Lauten/AFP/Getty Images)
“If I’m introduced to anyone who eats beings, I walk away,” the former frontman for The Smiths continued. Imagine, for example, if you were in a nightclub and someone said to you ‘Hello, I enjoy bloodshed, throat-slitting and the destruction of life,’ well, I doubt if you’d want to exchange phone numbers.”
“If I’m introduced to anyone who eats beings, I walk away.”
Morrissey added in the interview he would like “the Queen of England to be asked why she wears an electrocuted bear-cup on her head” and wondered why if a British celebrity is “so certain that flesh-food is tasty then why doesn’t he stick one of his children in a microwave.”
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Rock Star Says He Sees ‘No Difference’ Between Eating Meat & Pedophilia
Oliver Darcy
Sun, 05 Jan 2014 18:10:54 GMT


  1. How convenient! You just mention that you're a meat eater, and he goes away. I wish it was that easy to get rid of all other liberals.

    1. Hey... If that really worked on all liberals, I would have I EAT MEAT tattooed on my forehead in bold letters. People are soooo stupid.