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Monday, January 27, 2014

My Little Blog Was On The Radio

Today, January 27, 2014, The Conservative Wife (that's me) had her little blog mentioned and an entire post read on Christian Talk That Rocks Radio with host Richie L. This is very exciting for me. It seems I started this little venture with the thought that no one would ever read a single word I write, but I did it anyway and now look. I am just ecstatic. I encourage you all to give Richie a listen. I liked his show a lot. He does shows Monday - Thursday from 4-6 pm Central (Texas) time. 5-7 pm Eastern. Here is the link to his show with my post and he gets to me about 10 minutes in.

To listen to his regular daily show, go here:

Man, I'm fired up. Makes me want to start a radio show, too. Although, I would have to give beginner lessons on how to understand "hick" first so y'all could understand me. LOL

Well, no time like the present, right? Here is your first "hick" lesson. Say these words:

MR Snakes
MR Not
MR Too
MR Snakes

Got it? Okay, okay... Now read it like this:

M Are Snakes
M Are Not
M Are Too
C M Beady Eyes
M Are Snakes

What do ya think? Am I ready for the big time?


  1. Hey, that is so cool. Isn't great when someone that is trying to reach people himself, uses something you wrote as a tool to do so? It's quite a compliment. I felt bad though, when he got to the part that I screwed up (Obama's from Kenya) for you when I was trying to be funny. You wouldn't have had it that way if it weren't for me. When I heard that, I got the same feeling I got when I would get into trouble, trying to be funny, back in grade school. Sorry about that. Maybe no one noticed. Apparently, Richie L didn't. He did enlighten me about something though, when he mentioned how people from the U.S.S.R. used to get their news from other countries. I always wondered why so many news stories on the Drudge Report come from England and Canada. Perhaps that's why. He did seem to have a pretty good show. I would like to say that I'd listen again, but my time is spread as far and as thin as I can spread it right now.

    1. No... I actually like it better changed. It begs the question of am I talking about his father being from Kenya or am I saying that he is. Much, much better. I caught that too in his show and I think I'm going to try that a little more. Might actually get the truth from overseas. Now to the big question.... Did you learn "hick"? Lol

    2. Always knew, just a different dialect in Wisconsin.

  2. This may have been the first time on national radio, but I heard about your blog from Drew Steele, the morning radio host on FM 92.5 in Fort Myers. I have been checking your posts ever since.

    Bob T
    Cape Coral, FL

    1. Hi Bob, That is really good news. Funny the things that happen that you never even know about. Glad you are here.