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Thursday, January 16, 2014

If You Like Your Stupidity, You Can Keep Your Stupidity


Every day that passes just leaves me a little bit more irritated than the one that came before. We know that the piece of shit half breed in the white house is a liar, yet dumb-ass Boehner refuses to do anything about it. We know that Hillary is a diabolical bitch, yet she seems to be getting a pass, too. Americans are being spied on, Christians are being sent to the back of the bus, Americans are being killed, dammit and yet...nothing. What is it going to take? The son of a bitch who parks his filthy ass at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue wants to take every single freedom you take for granted and flush it down the toilet. Will you just sit there and complain about your fucking Facebook or those damn shoes you want so badly? 

People are killing other people for their cell phone or their shoes. It's all about stuff. People have to have more stuff and they are never satisfied. We owe an amount of money so large that we will NEVER be able to pay it back. Yet people hurry along in their stupid little lives as though everything is fine. Why? Because stupid people are too busy to pay attention to the world around them. If it isn't on Facebook from their "friends" or in a text, or in an episode from Party Down South, they have no idea what is going on. Well fine! Eat your stupid "mother-fucking hot dog", bitch. 

I tell you, I am pissed! I am sick and tired of sitting here day after day, trying my hardest to spell the truth out for whoever comes along to read my little words. Okay, here is the truth. Pay close attention! The world is going to hell and O'Shithead is driving the train. Poor people want to be rich but no one wants to work hard for it anymore. If you think that you deserve what someone else has simply because you want it, then you are a fucking idiot. There is not a single communist, Marxist, Socialist, pedophile, rapist, murderer, et al. OR OBAMA SUPPORTER who deserves to have the freedom that has been fought and died for in this country. 

People want this and they want that and they could give a fuck about who they hurt in the process of getting it. Give me healthcare, give me welfare, give me foodstamps, GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME! Illegals are coming across the "fence" in droves and we are giving everything to them, too. And they give NOTHING BACK! If people don't pull their head out of their own ass soon, we are sunk. Just start giving a damn. 

(I know my readers give a damn. This post is for those who may stumble upon my little world here who don't. For everyone out there who reads this that doesn't give a damn.....Fuck You!)

(Plus, I'm on a diet and I'm fucking hungry! By listening, you just saved my family! They say, THANK YOU!)


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