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Monday, March 24, 2014

Missing Flight MH370 Did Not Crash; No Matter They Say It Did

News from Malaysian officials today is that the missing Malaysia flight MH370 has crashed into the Indian Ocean. Why is this believable without any proof whatsoever that the plane did indeed crash? The answer to that is, it's not. Malaysian officials have lied from the beginning. First, they distributed a picture of the two Iranians on board the flight that used stolen passports. The problem with that is, they photo-shopped the pictures, and they did so in a very poor manner. See for yourself:

Even a child could look at this and see that they have attempted to paste the bottom of the one on the right to the bottom of the one on the left. What were they trying to hide from the one on the left? Why bother photo shopping at all if these two were nothing more than asylum seekers and not terrorists? The second thing is, the Malaysian airport official when asked about the cargo in the plane, joked about it carrying 2 to 3 tons of mangosteens. Then later admitted that there were "some" lithium ion batteries on board. I am thinking that there were no lithium batteries, either, because that gives them the angle of the plane caught fire and then crashed as lithium batteries are notorious for leaking and causing fires.

But if there were lithium batteries, then it would be very valuable cargo for a country that is seeking to further their nuclear program. Why? Because lithium can be used to absorb the neutrons during nuclear fusion. That means that they do not need to excessive amounts of water, which would be beneficial to a country in the middle of the desert. (Iran).

But here is another interesting bit of information. Have you ever heard of Diego Garcia? It's not a person. It is an Island in the Indian Ocean and is considered one of the most obscure and far-flung places on earth. It is also a British territory that has been leased to the United States since 1970. It was developed as joint U.S. - UK air and naval refueling and support station during the cold war. It was considered ideal for keeping an eye on the Soviet Union.
Diego Garcia once had a small native population, known as Ilois, or Chagossians who were forced off the island in 1967-1973 so that the island could be turned into the U.S. military base. Those people now live in poverty in Mauritius's urban slums, more than 1,000 miles from their home. Some were deported to Seychelles.

The Chagossians turned to the British courts to fight for their right to return to their native home. In 2000, a British court ruled that the order to evacuate them was invalid, but the court also upheld the island's military status, which permits only authorized personnel to inhabit the island. The Ilois also sued the British government for compensation, but in October of 2003, a British judge ruled that although they had been treated unfairly, their claims were unfounded. As a result of strong pressure by the United States, which sited security reasons for keeping the islanders from returning, the British government issued an "Order of Council" in 2004, which prohibited them from ever returning to Diego Garcia. 

But in May of 2006, the high court in London ruled that the Chagossians may in fact return to other Chagossian islands, and offered a blistering assessment of the British conduct in the case, calling it "outrageous, unlawful and a breach of accepted moral standards."

"The suggestion that a minister can, through an Order of Council, exile a whole population from a British Overseas Territory and claim he is doing so for the "peace, order and good government" of the Territory is repugnant."
The Chagossians have accepted that they cannot return to Diego Garcia because of the U.S. airbase, but the new verdict has paved the way for them to relocate elsewhere in the Chagos archipelago. Even though they are roughly 100 miles from Diego Garcia, the United States is still opposed to anyone other than military personnel and their employees living anywhere in the Chagos archipelago. They claim that security will be compromised. The fight continues on.

A number of al-Qaeda suspects are thought to be held and interrogated at Diego Garcia but the US has neither confirmed nor denied this. Among the ones held there is rumored to be Hambali Riduan Isamuddin, the leader of the Asian terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah. I wrote a post concerning them and the missing plane last week. You can find that here.

So how does all of this tie in to flight MH370? Hold on because it is about to get very interesting. Remember back in February when two ex-Navy Seals were found dead on the M/V Maersk Alabama while it was moored in Seychelles? Both men were employed as security contractors from the Virginia based Trident Group.

Then there is this. A report from Russia's Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU) that was circulated in the Kremlin. The report is here: 

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU) on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is stating today that within 24-hours of this aircrafts “diversion” to the highly secretive Indian Ocean US military base located on the Diego Garcia atoll, no less than four flights, within the past week, containing top American and Chinese disease scientists and experts have, likewise, been flown to there.According to this report, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (also marketed as China Southern Airlines flight 748 through a codeshare) was a scheduled passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, China, when on 8 March this Boeing 777-200ER aircraft“disappeared” in flight with 227 passengers on board from 15 countries, most of whom were Chinese, and 12 crew members.
The GRU had previously notified China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) of its suspicions regarding this flight due its containing a “highly suspicious” cargo that had been offloaded in the Republic of Seychelles from the US-flagged container ship MV Maersk Alabama.First arousing the GRU’s concerns regarding this “highly suspicious” cargo, this report continues, was that after its unloading from the MV Maersk Alabama on 17 February, its then transfer to Seychelles International Airport where it was loaded on an Emirates flight bound for Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, after first stopping over in Dubai, the two highly trained US Navy SEALS who were guarding it were found dead.
The two US Navy SEALS protecting this “highly suspicious” cargo, Mark Daniel Kennedy, 43, and Jeffrey Keith Reynolds, 44, were found dead under “suspicious circumstances” aboard the MV Maersk Alabama, this report says, further raising Russian intelligence suspicions as they were both employed by the Virginia Beach, Virginia-based maritime security firm The Trident Group which was founded by US Navy Special Operations Personnel (SEAL’s) and Senior US Naval Surface Warfare Officers and has long been known by the GRU to protect vital transfers of both atomic and biological materials throughout the world.
Upon Flight 370’s departure from Malaysia on 8 March, this report continues, the GRU was notified by the MSS that they were going to divert it from its scheduled destination of Beijing to Haikou Meilan International Airport (HAK) located in Hainan Province (aka Hainan Island).
Prior to this planes entering into People Liberation Army (PLA) protected zones of the South China Sea known as the Spratly Islands, however, this report continues, Flight 370 “significantly deviated” from its flight course and was tracked by VKO satellites and radar flying into the Indian Ocean region and completing its nearly 3,447 kilometer (2,142 miles) flight to Diego Garcia.
In a confirmation of the GRU’s assertion that Flight 370 was, indeed, flown to Diego Garcia, this report says, satellite transmission data analyzed by US investigators showed that this planes most likely last-known position was in a zone about 1,609 kilometers (1,000 miles) west of Perth, Australia in the Indian Ocean..
Most troubling to the GRU about Flight 370’s “diversion” to Diego Garcia, this report says, was that it was “nearly immediately” followed by some of the top disease scientists and experts from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDCP) embarking to Diego Garcia on at least four flights.

As to why both American and Chinese disease experts were taken to Diego Garcia where Flight 370 is now known to be, this report says, has as yet not been answered by either of these governments after repeated Foreign Ministry requests for “explanations and clarification.”

What is to be known, this report says, is that as Malaysia has been forced to admit Flight 370 was, indeed, “diverted” from its flight path as the GRU had previously reported, and as at least 25 nations are now involved in searching for it, it remains a mystery as to what is actually occurring.

Also known, this report concludes, is that Diego Garcia as a designated ETOPS emergency landing site for flight planning purposes of commercial airliners transversing the Indian Ocean, and as one of 33 emergency landing sites worldwide for the NASA Space Shuttle, it is “inconceivable” that any type of aircraft, let alone Flight 370, can fly anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere without being tracked, monitored and recorded in totality. 
So, it has been confirmed that American and Chinese disease scientists were flown to Diego Garcia just 2 days after the flight went missing. Why? What the hell was really on that plane? And what is this lawless President planning to do? I can almost guarantee that every bad thing going on in this world has Obama fingers mingled in it somewhere. We live in a very diabolical time with some very diabolical world leaders. Nothing fed to us is truth. Everything good is now considered bad and anything considered bad is now good, according to our government. 

This is just another in a long list of treasonous acts that will take an act of God to get answered. The list grows more every day, just as a cancer spreads. To pick only one would be impossible as they all seem to come back to another and tie in somehow. We have not heard the last of this. Something nefarious is in the works and whatever this plane carried will come back front and center. Be prepared. We are in for a bumpy ride.


  1. I just looked up the 2 Navy Seals info. They both died of respiratory failure and hear attacks do to heroin? Here is an article:

    That's kinda hard to swallow. Being Seals they were in good shape and I doubt would
    be doing drugs like that. Steroids maybe.. Kennedy was a big boy.

    More here than meets the eye for sure.

    1. Hey thanks for the link. Yes, it is not something I buy either. Seems a little too convenient if you ask me. I am so sick and tired of this government, I can't even tell you. His chickens will come home to roost. And I will dance with glee when they do.

    2. That's true PISSED. but how easy is it to discredit them and say they were drugys and found dead from doing heroin

  2. They've known much more for a long time. Now they'll peddle whatever they can to avoid scrutiny.

  3. You had me convinced until you accused Obummer of being responsible for "everything" bad going on. For fuck's sake, the guy is a joke but if you're going to make some hefty accusations, you need to state facts that can be easily confirmed...

    1. For fucks sake! If he can blame everything on everyone else, then I can certainly blame him for everything. Sheez...just take the comment for what it is....everyone has their sensitive panties on today...

  4. Obama has been a fine president. Please refrain from making vulgar, unenlightened remarks about him. You make yourselves look bad when you do.

    1. keep drinkin' that Kool-aid there, anonymous....

    2. Grape? lol


  5. You got that right anonymous! He's a fine BS president, he doesn't worth the the time to resize the Cap P on his title. Easy on the Kool-aid and please quit smoking that stuff, it's not good for your little brain.

    1. Sadly Antonio, too many just don't get it. They are incapable of looking around and seeing what a sack of crap their dear leader really is.

  6. All the searching agencies has been declared that the Missing MH370 flight has not been crashed, It gets invisible somewhere in the Sky.