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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pilot Of Missing Malaysia Flight Was Political Activist

The man pictured above is Anwar Ibrihim. He is a political opposition leader in Malaysia and he was imprisoned for sodomy hours before the airline went missing. It has now been reported that the pilot of the plane, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was a "fanatical" supporter of Ibrihim. Authorities in Malaysia have also finally searched the home of Zaharie and have confiscated the flight simulator the pilot had in his home that he built himself. 

It had been reported early on in the investigation that Zaharie had this flight simulator, but no one seemed to really elaborate on it other than stating that he just loved to fly so much. It just seems odd to me that a pilot with over 18,000 hours of real flight time would constantly be in a simulator during his time off. My guess is that he had others come in to train on the simulator, perhaps even the two Iranians with stolen passports. This way, they could train for a specific flight path and remain under the radar.

After doing some research on Ibrihim, it is noted that he was accused first of raping a 23 year old male assistant and when that was proven false, the charges were dropped to consensual sodomy, but that is still a crime in Malaysia. After having these charges dropped and re-instated several times by the reigning Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, Ibrihim was sent to prison for 5 years on March 7, 2014. Hours later, the plane went missing.

I would also like to note that Ibrihim was a Uighur sympathizer. On the blog, Demi Rakyat, which is all things concerning Ibrihim and his opposition movement, all of these things are verified. That link is here.

I will state here that my opinion is just that, my opinion. I believe the plane is in Iran. I also believe that Iran already has nuclear capabilities. They just don't have a missile system to get it where it needs to go. If they use it on Israel, then they would not be able to use the land and it would harm neighboring areas as well. That is out. But America? That is in. And what better way to make a deal for the release of the blind sheikh then to have a great big nuclear bomb to use as a threat? I have already linked the Uighurs to Al Qaeda and Anwar Zawahiri. That post is here:

Each day brings about a new little piece of light shed on this. I do not know what has happened to those poor souls on that flight and I do not wish to speculate. I only pray that the families get the answers they deserve and that God puts comfort in their heart. 


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