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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Corruption Chronicles; Obama's Big Secrecy, Big Corruption, Big Government

Trying to keep up with all the things Obama has done can be very taxing. There are so many scandals and issues with this p(resident) that taking the time to research each one can take days. So where do you start and how? I know as a blogger, I often get so mired down in crap that I have to literally step away from whatever I'm working on and take a breath. And there is no shortage of differing opinions out there, either. Just try searching sometime for Obama's birth and you will likely find rabbit hole after rabbit hole, ranging from the standard born in Kenya thing, to father being anyone from Obama, Sr. to Malcolm X to Frank Marshall Davis and even possibly some guy who ran a cult his mom was part of. 

The whole entire mess is mind boggling to say the least. I usually don't give an entire post to promote anything. If I see something I like, I will just slip it into the post somewhere with a link. But this book right here is an absolute must read. Tom Fitton over at Judicial Watch has gone into detail concerning all of those "phony" scandals that the regime in charge would like to keep hidden. I would highly suggest you take a moment and get this book. You will learn details that you never knew and right now, we need everyone awake and armed with truth. That is the only way to stand up to tyranny. If you have not truth, then you will fall victim to deceit.

The Corruption Chronicles. Get it now. I found it at Amazon for about $20, but then I found another seller on Amazon selling it for about $15, so that link is here. And it doesn't matter to me if you click on the link here to get it or if you go to the site directly. Just get it. We all need to be armed with this information. Out of fairness to the author, I can't spill the beans about what is in the book. But I can say, it is worth your time to read it.


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