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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Real Numbers The Government Doesn't Want You To Know

Our economy is going to collapse. The question isn’t if, it is when. The numbers do not lie and I’m not talking about the bogus numbers that the government would have you believe. No, I am talking about the actual numbers, and actual ways you can tell right now that things are bad. Trust me when I say, they are only going to get worse. We know the media is in the proverbial bed with the Obama administration. Maybe not even so “proverbial”, but I digress. 

They are willing to tell any lie in order to protect their precious one. And they do not care one bit if their faithfully blind viewers are offered up onto the altar of sacrifice. As long as their agenda is fulfilled, then the ends have justified the means.We know that the government has FEMA camps set up and ready to go. After strong denial of their existence, CBS News may have inadvertently “fessed up” as to the reality of FEMA camps. When Super Storm Sandy hit, CBS News reported on November 10, 2012 that the victims were taken to these FEMA camps. So, just to be perfectly clear here without filling page after page of documented proof of their existence, I’m going to just keep pushing ahead here as though they are real. Because they are. So will you go quietly on a train, plane, or bus? Or will you choose to stand your ground and fight for the very freedom that has afforded you the rights you have so greatly enjoyed in this Nation? I can tell you right now that I will not be on a train, plane, bus or any other mode of transportation to go anywhere near a government run internment camp.It is also no secret that our food costs have already skyrocketed. And we are getting less product for more cost. Have you noticed your toilet paper? Yep. It has gotten shorter but it sure hasn't gotten cheaper.

And what about peanut butter? The bottom of the jars are not flat anymore. They are now concave meaning you are getting less but you are still paying more.

And these are only two instances. There are many more. But what about the other numbers? You now, like the DOW. To hear Obama and the media talk, we are in one of the most prosperous times this Country has ever seen. Super low unemployment, low inflation, the DOW is up, you get the idea. But what do the real numbers say?

In February of 2014, unemployment in the US was listed as 6.70%. That is really low, isn't it? Considering how many people are out of work and forced to rely on food stamps to feed their family, I would say this number is shockingly low. Perhaps even deceptively low. But all the government did was change the way unemployment is calculated and redefined it as the "number of Americans receiving unemployment benefits". So it doesn't matter anymore if you are unemployed and having trouble finding a job. If you are no longer receiving unemployment benefits, then you are no longer counted as being unemployed. See how that works? But, if you go back to the way the government calculated unemployment before the 1990's, the actual rate is somewhere around 25%. There are roughly 101 million Americans looking for work. If you were to take the 6 most populated states and combine the entire population, that would equal about how many people are out of work...but not unemployed, according to our own government.

These are people who are not able to contribute to the economy right now. They are reliant on government to feed their families. They really have no money any more of their own and trust me, when the benefits are cut off, and they will be, they will be some of the first to take to the streets. If you count in the rest of the population who are either too young, old or sick to work, and you will see that there are only about 86 million Americans who are supporting 317 million people. And we haven't even gotten in to the illegal alien numbers. This equals out to about 4 people being carried on the back of one and this number will do nothing but grow.

We are also told that the dollar only loses about 1.5% per year. If you actually believe that, I'm sure I can round up a nice piece of ocean front property in Utah for you. Contact me later and we can get that deal settled quickly. It's a hot market, you know. But those of us who actually look at our bills know that even though our wages aren't going up, our cost of living is. If all we lost was 1.5% per year, we wouldn't really notice it all that much. But once again, it is all in how you calculate. If all you do is focus on the items that actually are becoming cheaper and leave out the items that aren't, then inflation doesn't look that bad, does it? Make no mistake, that is exactly what the government is doing.

Want proof? Take the price of gas. 5 short years ago, gas cost about $1.86 a gallon. Can it be found anywhere right now for less than $3.00? In fact, the price for gas has almost doubled so inflation for gas over the last five years is at about 15%. What about a Big Mac? In 2008, you could buy one for around $3.20 and now? How about $4.62? That equates to about 10% per year as opposed to the 1.5% the government is claiming. If you use the way government calculated inflation before 1980, you would find that the real rate of inflation is about 11%.

But why lie? Because if they don't, Americans will revolt and they can't have the masses revolting. They rely on the people to stay asleep so that they can continue their agenda of wiping out the middle class. Because without the middle class, what are you left with? The ultra elite and the mega poor. Clear and distinct lines drawn separating two classes of people. The mega poor having to rely on government for their every need so that in a sense, government becomes their god. But just think about it. They would have us believe that productivity is up and unemployment is down. But it isn't true.

If you were to ask any economist worth their salt about double digit inflation and double digit unemployment and they will tell you that an economic collapse is at the door and it is knocking. And this brings us to Obama-care. The end of lifestyle as we know it tax placed upon our shoulders by an over-bloated and uncaring government. Our end justifies their means. Again, let's look at the real numbers. The average American family makes $51,000 per year and $8,500 (17%) goes to healthcare. In 1988, that number was about $2,000. Under Obama-care, that number will skyrocket to $15,950.

According to Fox News, 76% of American families already live paycheck to paycheck. Even adding $100 to their monthly costs would be extremely detrimental. Under Obama-care, those same families will have to add roughly $7,450. If they can't afford an extra $1,200 per year, then how are they supposed to afford and extra 7 grand? Well, according to Obama, people need to get rid of their cable and cell phones in order to pay for health care. Sorry Obama, I don't pay that much in a year for my cell phone or my cable. So I'm still short. Want me to not buy so much at the store? Too late, with the price of groceries, I already do that as well.

The government gets its money, (what it doesn't "borrow" from China) from working tax payers. When these people can't afford to pay these taxes any longer, the government will collapse under its own weight. Think of them like the fat bully in school who demanded the lunch money from those who were weaker. Government also won't be able to get taxes from businesses because about 90% of all companies in the US are only in business right now because of their ability to sell to the working class. No one working means no one buying and no one buying means mass corporate bankruptcy and that means no more taxes for the government to collect.

And if no one has any money to put in the banks or to invest, then what do you suppose those big banks are going to do? That's right, they will close. Those "too big to fail" banks will be forced to shut their doors and anyone who has their life savings wrapped up into nice little investment packages or IRA's will lose every penny. And then, my friend, we will see once good American citizens go very bad. Because when you are hungry and desperate to feed your family, you will do anything. Even taking from another family in need to give to your own.

And all the "suicidal" bankers? No, those people either know too much or have been involved to the hilt in this coming disaster and were deemed to be "expendable". After all, you can't lie with pigs and not get filthy. And expect even more "suicides" to come. This is only the beginning. You can't set an economy up to fail without having a lot of players on the field, but as the time actually draws near for that plan to be executed, all of those original players aren't really needed anymore. 

So what can you do? I would suggest buying some gold and some silver. I have been researching this and I would suggest bullion. And please don't buy the kind where all they give you is a certificate instead of actual gold. Don't trust someone to "hold" your gold or silver for you for safe keeping. Get your product, in hand.  I like Regal Assets. You can check them out here. And don't ever turn it over to the government. Not your weapons and not your money. If you have those things, you will be okay. I'm not saying to buy massive amounts, but do get some. Having a little something to trade with is better than having nothing at all. And store up a little food. If you don't can, then start buying things that have a decent shelf life and don't require a lot of preparation.

Want to know how to build your own non-electric refrigerator? If you can find an old washing machine drum, then take it and bury it with the top ground level. Then take an old metal trash can and set it inside the washing machine drum. Pack dirt in between the drum and the trash can, trying not to get the dirt inside the trash can. Put your food inside the trash can and put the lid on. Every morning, pour water on the dirt that you packed between the drum and the trash can. This will keep the contents inside the trash can cool and will work in a pinch.

And what about antibiotics? Did you know that fish mox is a fish antibiotic that is 100% food grade? In fact, it has the exact same ingredients as the antibiotics  you get from the Dr. by prescription. I highly suggest you stock up on those as you never know when you might need an antibiotic. Fish mox is amoxicillin and fish flex is cephalexin. A great place to get them is from Fish Mox Fish Flex. They have great prices and great customer service. I am speaking from experience here.

In fact, it might be wise to stock up on more than you really need. You never know what others may be willing to give you for life saving antibiotics. Water, food, clothing and perhaps even a bit of gold. You never know and isn't it better to be prepared than to not be? If you are thinking about canning your own food, I have put up a page with some good recipes to get you started. Even a recipe for canning chicken. You can find that link here. There is a financial storm coming. Don't be caught without and wondering what happened. Prepare as much as you can but try to stay under the radar as much as you can. Big time preppers are nothing more than an easy target for not only looters, but the government as well. And please, don't go on TV telling the world everything you have, your defense strategy and your location. Don't be a sitting duck. Use your head and prepare for the worst but always hope for the best.

And one last thing. Always put God first in your life. He will take care of you. Trust Him to do so. But remember, God helps those who help themselves. Don't expect government to take care of you and don't expect others to support you. Do for yourself what you can and God will take care of the rest.

My thanks to Bill White over at for the numbers. He's selling a book there I believe with more survival tips.


  1. Do you remember all through the W years, the democrats and the media were constantly droning on how bad the economy was? There was a constant beating of the drums to that. And over all things weren't bad until 08. Bush did spend too much, and was allergic to the veto his first term. But over all things were not bad. I work in a industry that is directly effected when the economy is in a down turn, well most of us who work are. But you get my point. Now things are 10 times worse and the same media whores and the same commies in the dem party are trying to tell us not to believe our eyes that things are well. My God my country men are stupid ignorant sheep.

    1. Yep, I remember. All we heard from the media was how bad everything was and now all we hear from them is glowing praise for Obama and the economy is great. Liars all of them. And I find it so frustrating that we live in a time where information is as easy to obtain as just typing a search term into a browser, yet there are more idiots running around then ever before. They are indeed, stupid ignorant sheep.