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Monday, March 17, 2014

Russia Is Laughing...And It's Obama's Fault

We get it. Putin is more of a man than Obama ever could be. We know Barry is a wuss. The whole damned world knows it! But now we have have Russia very openly mocking us, telling the world what they already know; Barry is weak. And they not only have mocked us, they have directly threatened us. The only country that can turn us to radioactive ash? Oh, I am just getting started.

How about you Russian commies come right over here to America? Do not stop at Comrade Obama's house. No, you red livered Putanists, you come right on over here to the heartland. And we will show you exactly what America is and why she is THE GREATEST NATION ON THIS PLANET! The American Patriots have heart and we love our country. Laugh all you want at Obama, but do not forget that the majority of us here do not support the buffoon and we never have. 

All of Putin's so called photo-ops, with his shirt off to show the world how much of a man he really is, are nothing more than fodder for your propaganda machine. How do I see Putin?

Putin on the Ritz

Now do us a favor, Putin. We know you have all the information needed to ruin Obama. Just release it already. But then, why would you at this point when you have him right where you want him and there is nothing he can do about it? American's aren't stupid. We know what is going on. Laugh at Obama. We do not care. But don't think for a moment that American's are of the same ilk. We aren't.

You know, you should just go here because Neil Schnurr over at Golden Geese is way more eloquent than I feel like being right now. Plus he has a great video to go with.


  1. We have an evil communist sociopath dictator, and then there is Putin. Yes, I was talking about Barry to start this. My take on all this is Yes, Putin is a bad guy, a true villain. But Obama is a true fool in every sense of the word. First of all we are in this position not because of Putin but because of the Obama regimes meddling where it should mind its own business. We have no interests in Ukraine but Barry had to stir up trouble and it back fired on him, just like what happened in Egypt. You sell out our allies and start shit in places we have no business being involved in the first place. Do not misunderstand me. I am a patriot, I love my nation, but OUR government is the true bad guy at this moment in history. I pray for peace, I pray this fool in the White House does no more damage to this once great nation, but I also pray that these meddling fools in this regime destroy themselves over this.

    1. I know C.J. It just pisses me off that the world is laughing at us because of this idiot MF in the white house. I am almost beside myself. What a joke we have become because of him.

  2. Off Topic,

    Another banker "suicide"

    1. Hey, thanks. I missed this one this morning.

    2. No problem. They are stacking up that's for sure