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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Barry, The Little Red Hen

With everything going on in the world and in the Obama administration right now (and since this dipwad showed up on the scene), I am flat amazed that more people are not waking up to what this man is doing. From all the anti-American quotes to the anti-American policies, he has shown us his true color. It isn't black. It isn't white. Not even a mixture of the two. He is RED through and through. As in socialist/communist red. 

I have an American pride built deep within me and no, I didn't build it. It was built off the backs of brave men and women who have fought and died for my right to be free. It was built by those who stand for this Nation and not against it. It was built by knowing that my America, is a place where the rest of the world can seek help in times of trouble. And even though most other places hate us, they still had their hand stuck out to receive what we had to offer, hating us even more in their heart, yet we do it anyway. And it was built by God who saw to it that I could be blessed enough to be born here. To be an American and free.

It is becoming easier and easier for me to see why the whole world will worship anti-Christ when he is here, save for only a few. When I look around and see how people are embracing Obama still and patting communism on the back, all for the sake of "give me something", it is easy to see that if this buffoon can create such a blind following, how much more so will Satan when he is here as anti-Christ? I suppose when he brings lightning down from heaven with the snap of his fingers, it will be a sight more beholding than when Obama opens his mouth in front of a teleprompter. 

Obama has drawn many red lines. Remember Syria? And now Ukraine. But the only lines he is really drawing is a bright RED target on America. He is weakening our military, our economy, our integrity, and our freedom. He is George Soros' puppet and Soros wants to collapse our economy because he knows we are the only holdout left to a New World Order. Only, the Bible tells us that the One World System will receive a deadly wound and it will only be healed when Satan is here defacto pretending to be Christ. And Daniel the prophet tells us that Obama (the raiser of taxes) will be destroyed. How? Because God tells us over and over in His word that a lie cannot stand before the truth. Obama and all his many lies will be brought to nothing when the truth is finally revealed. And it will be. 

My only suggestion at this point is to stock up on the popcorn. The entertainment value of these people in Washington is about to go through the roof. 

And just for the record; the actual story of The Little Red Hen is one of the most clear examples of anti-communism you will find, all wrapped up in a little children's book from years ago. I read it when I was a child. Go to the link to read it for yourself.


  1. I never knew how the anti Christ would so be able to fool so many people so easily until Barry came on the scene. He is a sign of things to come. Like some one else said on another blog somewhere, " I use to think our future would be like Star Trek but instead we have become more like the movie idiocracy."
    H.G. Wells nailed it when he wrote the Time machine. We have become The Eloi.
    True there are those of us who still get it it, but it feels like we are the last man shoveling coal on the Titanic.