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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why Are We Supporting Obama's Mother In Law?

I understand the rule...leave the President's family alone when commenting about how poorly he is doing at his job. The same applies to candidates for whatever position they are seeking. I get it and have left Obama's kids alone. However, I have some serious problems with his mother-in-law. She seems to be everywhere and I am left with increasing frustration as to why tax payers are forced to support this hag.

Hag, you say? (gasp) Yes! Hag! First of all, she moved into the White House back in 2009 when the Obama's first defiled the once great and historical site located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. She goes on "vacation" with Mooch and attends most if not all of the little events these people carry on over. 

Marian Shields Robinson, dubbed the "First Granny" has been stinking up the place since she arrived and now, over in China on another vacay, she is barking orders at staff acting like she is some sort of queen. Who gave her permission to jet around the globe, dine on the finest meals and be waited on hand and foot? Not the American people paying the bill, I assure you.

Do you know how much the British paid for extras to the royal family in 2012? $57.8 million. Now that seems like a huge number and it is to be certain, but think about how much Americans have spent on the Obama's in 2012. How about a whopping 2 BILLION! Are you serious? In a year, I usually don't have an extra $2,000 to spend on a nice vacation much less 2 Billion. And you can bet that old granny is right there with her vacuum hose sucking up any and everything she can. 

I can't wait for these people to be gone. I am so sickened and disgusted by their attitude and total disregard for America. This country has given them everything they have yet they hate it so much that they feel an overwhelming urge to destroy it. Cancer. They are nothing but a cancer growing on the ass of America. No, more like a hemorrhoid. Know how to remove a hemorrhoid? You cut it off! Time for surgery America! 


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    1. I think the President, any member of Congress, or their staff should only fly on military transports. Family members should be excluded and anyone that breaks the rules should be forced to return to the United States on a cargo ship and berthed with the crew. After that, they should have their salaries garnished until all expenses due to their travel are paid.

      I deleted the other comment due to a typographical shoot me.

    2. I think they should be treated the same as bin-Laden. I would salute that for sure.

  2. Great post! I reposted it on the Geese. I hope you don't mind that I made a few additions.
    I wanted to post it with a read more link, so the traffic would go to you, but I felt that what you wrote was so important, that I didn't want to risk readers not clicking the link, so I pasted the entire post.