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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Did The US State Department And George Soros Start The Mess In Ukraine?

We have all heard the words Barack Obama whispered to Putin in 2012,

"I will have more flexibility after the election."
And there has been no shortage to the speculation as to what, exactly, those words mean. Flexibility on what? What has Mr. Incompetence got in the works now? And how bad will it be for Americans? Well, how about this: It is a video from George Soros' Open Society.
Now, why would George Soros be interested in Ukraine? And then on the Open Society's own website, there is this:

The International Renaissance Foundation, part of the Open Society family of foundations and active in the country since 1990, is vigorously monitoring events on the ground. The foundation and its partners were at the epicenter of these extraordinary events. The local foundation ensured that legal aid was made available throughout the crisis to civic activists, protesters, and journalists; supplied victims with medical care; while its human rights partners documented cases of torture, beatings, and police abuse.
So Soros has had an organization based in Ukraine since 1990. And in February, Georgie himself wrote a piece for the Guardian. You can read that here. And then we have a leaked audio concerning a phone conversation between Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland and the US Envoy to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt. Here is the video of that conversation:

In the audio, Nuland and Pyatt are discussing who the US wants in control of Ukraine once the protestors succeed in toppling the existing government. Nuland even goes so far as to say, "F**k the EU, when the European Union involvement comes into the conversation. It is clear that the US wanted a regime change in Ukraine. Also, bear in mind that 50% of Russia's revenue comes from the same oil and gas that Europe is so dependent on. Also keep in mind that the above audio conversation took place before the regime change in Ukraine. They were already deciding who they wanted in there. Sound familiar? Like Morsi, familiar?

The there is this PDF titled, "The New Great Game" from the Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad. You can read the report here. Here are a few excerpts:

Russia and the USA have been in a state of competition in this region, ever since the former Soviet Union split up, and Russia is adamant on keeping the Americans out of its Central Asian backyard. Russia aims to increase European gas dominance on its resources whereas the US wants the European Union (EU) to diversify its energy supply, primarily away from Russian dominance. There are already around three major Russian pipelines that are supplying energy to Europe and Russia has planned two new pipelines.
 The third “big player” in this New Great Game is China, soon to be the world’s biggest energy consumer, which is already importing gas from Turkmenistan via Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to its Xinjiang province — known as the Central Asia-China Pipeline — which may tilt the balance towards Asia. Pepe Escobar calls it the opening of the 21st century Silk Road in 2009 when this pipeline became operational. China’s need for energy is projected to increase by 150 per cent which explains why it has signed probably the largest number of deals not just with the Central Asian republics but also with the heavily sanctioned Iran and even Afghanistan. China has planned around five west-east gas pipelines, within China, of which one is operational (domestically from Xinjiang to Shanghai) and others are under construction and will be connected to Central Asian gas reserves.

Let's get back to the Renaissance Foundation that Soros founded in Ukraine in 1990. The protests required a massive organizing effort and that does not come free. They were well funded and one can only be left with the rancid taste in their mouth that the money came from Soros. Everything comes back to Soros. If you dig deeper into each and every scandal and unexplained issue, I can almost guarantee it will lead right back to the head of the snake, Soros.

For more detailed analysis of this and for detailed maps showing the oil and gas pipelines and how important they are in this entire mess, head on over to Liberty News. Eric Odom has put it all together very nicely. 


  1. Soros makes boatloads of money, when currencies fluctuate in his favor. A little investing in chaos hedges his bets and increases his wealth.

    1. Hey Jess,
      I know but damn it makes me so mad. Why haven't those other countries done something about him for destroying their currency? He can't be that well protected. Slimy old nasty bastard.

  2. Hey Angela;

    I have wondered if this was by design, the actions of Obungler has lessened the status of the United States immeasurably. Soros gets away with it because he owns politicians and a lot of lawyers and they use the rule of law against us.

    1. I trust nothing from this government anymore, or any other government for that matter. I imagine the truth, should we ever really know it, would read like a fantastic fiction novel.