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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Obama Plays "Nukes On The Loose" Video Game With Other World Leaders

I'm sure by now we have all heard the story about Obama saying he is more concerned with a nuclear bomb in Manhattan than he is with Russia. The game, Nukes on the Loose, was introduced to World leaders at a meeting at the nuclear security summit in the Netherlands on the 26th of this month. They were there to meet about the situation in Ukraine, by the way. Obama, China's Xi Jinping, British premier David Cameron, and Chancellor Angela Merkel, among others, were "tested" for their response to a simulation of an imminent threat of unnamed terrorists who have stolen nuclear material from an unidentified country and assembled a dirty bomb for unleashing against a Western city.

I would like to know who put this "game" together and why a "Western city" specifically. According to the London Telegraph, actors played out the simulated threat in short films that were prepared for the game. The "players" were told that the dirty bomb could go off in the "City of London, Wall Street, Milan, or anywhere".

One of the films showed the terrorists building the dirty bomb in a secret laboratory. When their work was finished, an announcer tells the players that it is ready and capable of bringing sudden death to hundreds of thousands of people. Obama and the other leaders were then required to state on the spot how they would respond by pushing one of four buttons on his or her computer tablet. Should they warn the public or keep them in the dark? Should they decide alone how to handle the situation or would they work with other countries?

Their choices were then put anonymously on the big screen for everyone else to see. Apparently, all the world leaders, without the help of their advisers, successfully averted the danger with a fast and collective effort. I would love to know exactly what Obama's answers were. I would love to know, again, who exactly put this little show on and why. All we know is that the game was designed by American nuclear experts as a scare tactic "to make them think seriously about the security of their nuclear materials."

This is when Obama said that he is "far more worried about the possibility of a nuclear weapon exploding in New York City than he is about Russia. But just prior to this summit meeting, Denis Flory, the deputy director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said that 140 cases of missing or unauthorized use of nuclear and radioactive materials had been reported to the agency in 2013. He said that even though most of the missing material was in small quantities and while they can't be used for making a nuclear weapon, they can be used in radioactive dispersal devices. He stated that al-Qaeda style terrorists could try to use them to make a crude nuclear device otherwise known as a "dirty bomb". The material was stolen from the site where Egypt is planning to build its first nuclear power plant.

One thing is very certain. I do not trust Obama and I do not trust any other world leader. They consider themselves the elite and We the Peons are just that in their eyes, peons and expendable. Something very nefarious is going on. Why would such a game be introduced with such a specific scenario? We have had too many false flags and too many "tragedies" that make absolutely no sense and we have no clear cut answers for anything.

I will keep digging and if I uncover anything else, you know I will post it. 


  1. Obama just says stuff like he is "far more worried about the possibility of a nuclear weapon exploding in New York City than he is about Russia" to change the subject and then hope he never has to deal with it. He said the same thing about the war in Afghanistan being more important than the war in Iraq. Eventually, however, he does have to deal with things and finds himself terribly uninformed and unprepared.

    1. I know...he talks out of his ass all the time...that's why it migrated to his face. I just find it very disturbing that this was a game put on to "test" world leaders. Test? A real president of the United States would tell them to shove their little "test" up their ass. But alas, we have O'bonehead... he's got golfing to do...most likely between two ferns. Ignorant SOB

  2. There are few world leaders. Most in power at this time are egotistical, pinheaded tyrants that have effective media coverage to hide the fact they're feckless and drains of important resources they use to pick winners.

    Obama is one of the worse, since he's obviously only qualified to smoke dope, play video games and endlessly watch sports on television. Other than those things, his record, and current endeavors reflect only those qualifications and most of the U.S. citizens are oblivious of what a loser the media picked as President.