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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Who Or What Was On Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Since the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 went missing on March 8, 2014, there have been more questions than answers surrounding its disappearance. Although I cannot find a detailed passenger manifesto, there are some reports as to who was on this flight. First, the pilot; 53 year old Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah. He joined Malaysia Airlines in 1981 and had amassed more than 18,000 flight hours. The Co-Pilot, 27 year old Fariq Ab.Hamid joined in 2007 and had over 2,000 flight hours. Both of these men were Malaysian according to what reports I could find.

The passengers:

American IBM Executive Philip Wood, 51, was a previous resident of Dallas, TX and had been living and working in Kuala Lumpur at the IBM offices there.

Two other's flying on American passports were children. 4 year old Nicole Meng and 2 year old Leo Meng. They were not associated with Philip Wood and it is not known at this time who they were with. Perhaps their parents had dual citizenship and that is why they were using American passports. 

There were 20 employees of the Austin, TX based firm Freescale Semiconductor. They were engineers and other specialists who were working on a project to streamline and cut costs at key manufacturing facilities in China and Malaysia. I'll have to research Freescale a little more to see what they do as I am not a tech minded individual so reading from their website only serves to confuse me.

Two men of Iranian descent were on the plane using stolen passports. Two men, an Autrian and an Italian, had their passports stolen in 2012 while in Thailand. These were the 2 passports used by 19 year old Pouria Nourmohammedi Mehrdad and 29 year old Delavar Syed Mohammed Reza. Both men flew into Malaysia using their Iranian passports and then changed to the stolen passports to board the Malaysian flight to Beijing. 

Officials lost contact with the plane about an hour after takeoff. It was at about 35,000 feet and still climbing when it vanished from radar. When the flight did not check in to say they had entered into new airspace, officials became concerned and radioed another plane in the area to see if they had seen the missing plane. Another Boeing 777 pilot who asked not to be named said that he was flying 30 minutes ahead of flight MH370 when he was asked to use his plane's emergency frequency to contact the missing airline. He has stated:

"We managed to establish contact with MH370 just after 1:30 am and asked them if they have transferred into Vietnamese airspace. The voice on the other side could have been either Captain Zaharie or Fariq, but I was sure it was the co-pilot. There [was] a lot of interference and static but I heard mumbling from the other end. that was the last time we heard from them, as we lost the connection."
There have been other reports that the plane turned back and other reports of debris and oil slicks have turned out to be false. No remains for the plane has been found. Reports are also starting to come in that the plane perhaps disintegrated in the air. I don't buy this scenario. Let me tell you why. The Boeing 777 is the absolute top of the line aircraft. It has all the technology and upgrades that make this the Maserati in a field of Ford Pinto's. Specifically, they are built to withstand explosions. A bomb could make a hole in the hull but not make the entire plane disintegrate into nothing. In order for that to happen, the entire plane would have had to have been filled with explosives. Disintegration is highly unlikely. And another key is that people trying to call their loved ones who were aboard this flight, still get a ringing cell phone on the other end. If the plane and everything in it disintegrated, there would be no ring on the other end.

And now the latest from The Blaze is this:

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (TheBlaze/AP) — The Malaysian military has radar data showing the missing Boeing 777 jetliner changed course and made it to the Malacca Strait, hundreds of kilometers (miles) from the last position recorded by civilian authorities, according to a senior military official.
The development injects more mystery into the investigation of the disappearance of Saturday’s flight, and raises questions about why the aircraft was not transmitting signals detectable by civilian radar.
That would appear to rule out sudden catastrophic mechanical failure, as it would mean the plane flew around 500 km (350 miles) at least after its last contact with air traffic control, although its transponder and other tracking systems were off.
 Local newspaper Berita Harian quoted Malaysian air force chief Gen. Rodzali Daud as saying radar at a military base had detected the airliner at 2:40 a.m. near Pulau Perak at the northern approach to the strait, a busy waterway that separates the western coast of Malaysia and Indonesia’s Sumatra island.
“After that, the signal from the plane was lost,” he was quoted as saying.
A high-ranking military official involved in the investigation confirmed the report and also said the plane was believed to be flying low. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information.
“It changed course after Kota Bharu and took a lower altitude. It made it into the Malacca Strait,” a senior military officer told Reuters.
Authorities had earlier said the plane, which took off at 12:20 a.m. and was headed to Beijing, may have attempted to turn back to Kuala Lumpur, but they expressed surprise that it would do so without informing ground control.
Someone or something was on that plane and it was imperative that they not make it out alive. The 2 Iranians who stole the passports are not terrorists (so we are being told) but if not, then why use your own passport from Iran only to switch to a stolen one to board a plane that ultimately goes missing? Why were the tracking systems turned off and why was it flying at such low altitude? If we can find the key person or key item on that flight, then rest assured that we will then understand why it was taken out. Too many questions and not enough answers.


  1. It seems nothing is as it seems anymore. Sorry if this is off topic but I wanted to ask you what you think about claims that the Sandy Hook shooting is a hoax or a false flag. I have never been one to get bite on conspiracy theories, but after the hoax of a president we have forced upon us I can almost believe anything. If the media and the government can cover up that fraud they can no longer be trusted with anything. Do you have an email address I can email you at?
    Also, saw this on the Blaze about those two Iranians on flight MH370

    1. I just saw this photo and wow...the photoshop is soooo bad. Even I could do better than that. And I am very torn about Sandy Hook. The video of the supposed coroner was something out of a bad "B" movie. And one of the dad's was laughing and joking before he thought the camera was on and then immediately went to tears and grief. I will try to find thhose videos for you if you haven't seen them already. Too many things don't add up in my opinion. And I was just saying to my husband the other day that I have never been one to go in for conspiracy theories but here is where I find myself. Not trusting a damn thing anymore. Email me at and from there I will use my real address. Just don't want to put it on here.