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Monday, September 30, 2013

‘A Little 1940s Germany’: Parents Livid After Middle Schoolers Watch Video of Celebrities Who ‘Pledge’ Support for Obama — and Ask Viewers to Do Likewise

Wow! Talk about propaganda. And liberals really want to believe that Obama is not trying his hardest to become a dictator? Guess what? I PLEDGE TO NEVER BE A SERVICE TO BARACK HUESSEIN OBAMA! How about that? I pledge to NEVER allow my children to become indoctrinated by this filth. I make certain that my children know that celebrities are just people! They are nothing special to be idolized and fawned over. If there is any idolizing going on in my house, it is for Jesus Christ! These people make me sick. I was already over Demi and Ashton….now I can call it quits with the Red (Lame) Chili Peppers. Hey Anthony Kiedis, why don’t you go and tattoo Obama on your ass. Seems fitting to me that the loser should have to stare at the bottom of the toilet on a daily basis. Get over yourselves people, you aren’t that special and you have just made colossal asses out of yourselves. Even more than usual. Don’t you have a picture to take Ashton? Or how about some younger woman to throw in Demi’s face? Demi? Aren’t you depressed because your old? Go away losers. We are sick of seeing your stupid face!

Remember that “I Pledge” video produced by Oprah Winfrey’s production company after President Obama took office in 2009?

It features a gaggle of celebrities telling viewers all the good they promise to do for humanity. But toward the end, it drifts into a pledge of support for Obama — the kind of rhetoric that befits a political convention spot as opposed to a public service message.

Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis says, “I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama,” kissing his biceps in the process.

Parents Livid After Hudson, Wis. Middle Schoolers Watch Video of Celebrities Who Pledge Support for Obama    and Ask Viewers to Do Likewise

(Credit: Harpo Productions via YouTube)

After a number of other celebs staring invoking their intentions to “be the change” (sound familiar?), Demi Moore finishes things by saying, “I pledge to be a servant to our president.”

Parents Livid After Hudson, Wis. Middle Schoolers Watch Video of Celebrities Who Pledge Support for Obama    and Ask Viewers to Do Likewise

(Credit: Harpo Productions via YouTube)

For some reason the Hudson (Wis.) School District unearthed the “I Pledge” video for its middle school’s Peace One Day event a few days back, and a number parents in attendance were outraged.

District and school officials made a quick backpedal, apologizing to those offended by the video, reports KMSP-TV.

“The reason the video was used was to show students small ways to make a difference in their communities,” the district wrote in its apology. “Unfortunately, the video also had a political slant. The district is non-partisan and does not endorse the political messages found in this video. This video will not be used in the district again.”

Middle School Principal Dan Koch this announcement to students Thursday afternoon:

“The ‘I Pledge’ video we viewed yesterday included some messages about serving President Barack Obama. We apologize for any part of the video that was offensive to students, their families and staff. The video conveyed a message that people serve the presidency when in fact our elected officials serve the people. We respect the Office of the President of the United States but like all of our other elected officials, that office serves each of us as well. I sincerely hope that as participants in Wednesday’s event what you took away from the experience was to choose to make a difference in your world.”

The district wouldn’t disclose whose idea it was to show the “I Pledge” video to students, KMSP reports, but people on the streets weren’t thrilled by offering the video’s message to middle schoolers.

“It looks a little 1940s Germany,” says one interviewee, who agrees that its essentially propaganda. Another adds, “It doesn’t seem right.”

Parents Livid After Hudson, Wis. Middle Schoolers Watch Video of Celebrities Who Pledge Support for Obama    and Ask Viewers to Do Likewise

(Credit: KMSP)

Peace One Day was started by filmmaker Jeremy Gilley in 1999 as “an annual day of global unity, a day of intercultural cooperation on a scale that humanity has never known.”

Friday, September 27, 2013

White House to Give Detroit $300 Million in Federal Aid

So liberals destroy and we have to pay to rebuild…so they can destroy it again? Good people need to get out of Detroit and then it needs to just rot away.

A coterie of top White House officials will meet Friday in Detroit to discuss giving the troubled city roughly $300 million in federal grants to address various public safety issues.

White House officials expected to participate in Friday’s meeting include Attorney General Eric Holder, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan and White House economic adviser Gene Sperling.

White House to Lend Detroit $300M

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) will meet with White House officials over a plan to give Detroit about $300 million in federal aid. (Getty Images)

“Obviously, with Holder, Donovan and Foxx there many of those issues around housing and public safety will be something we want to discuss,” an official told the Washington Examiner. “The meeting will follow-up on discussions already in the works and take a look at what are the federal resources that we can free up and if we can coordinate among agencies and see how we can help.”

Republican Governor Rick Snyder, Detroit Mayor David Bing and Detroit’s emergency manager Kevyn Orr are expected to attend the meeting, along with Michigan’s two U.S. senators and members of Michigan’s congressional delegation if they can break away from the ongoing discussion over a possible government shutdown.

“If we’re not there we’ll teleconference,” U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) said. “I think what is really important is there is an ongoing commitment from the administration.”

The $300 million will be drawn from programs intended for cities all across the country, not just Detroit. A portion of the $300 million was previously awarded to the city but it had gotten tied up in red tape.

“We’ve found significant resources that we believe can be unlocked and expedited and leveraged to have significant impact on the economy of Detroit,” Sperling said.

The meeting will address how much assistance the White House can offer the city without having to consult Congress, CNN Money reported.

Nearly $150 million of the proposed $300 million will go toward the demolition of Detroit’s many dilapidated and abandoned buildings.

Another $140 million will go toward the city’s public transportation system, including renovations for buses (including more security cameras) and the city’s now-under construction light-rail system.

Lastly, approximately $30 million will go toward hiring more firefighters to help the city deal with its arson problem and $3 million will go toward strengthening the city’s police force.

White House to Lend Detroit $300M

A wild dog wanders through Detroit’s historic Eastown Theater, Sept. 4, 2013. (Getty Images)

But although the funds may come as a blessing, they won’t even come close to addressing the city’s $18 billion in liabilities.

Detroit was forced in July to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after two municipal pension funds moved to protect retiree benefits from restructuring by suing the city’s emergency manager.

The White House has not yet announced broader financial support for Detroit. Something larger would involve Congress and many say the Obama administration prefers smaller, legal ways to help the city.

“We’re not talking about a huge amount of money here,” said a source familiar with the situation. “[The Obama administration] is just trying to work with local and city officials to get a quick win on the table without a lot a major investment.”

Filmmaker Pledges to Confront ‘the Lie of Evolution’ by Bringing the Bible’s Creation Story to Life

Want to stop an Evolutionist in their tracks? Just ask them to explain Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics. It completely destroys Evolution Theory. It’s all about heat and energy. Think of it like this. Let’s say you and I have identical cars. You decide to keep yours in the garage. Once a week, you go out to the garage and you wash and wax your car. I, on the other hand decide to go park my shiny new car in the woods and I leave it there. This goes on for 30 years. Which car do you think will look better after 30 years? The one left on it’s own or the one that had work and energy applied to it? Nothing becomes more complex over time. Nothing. Even the car that was cared for doesn’t become more complex. It is the same. Even a human body has to have work and energy applied to it for it to survive. We can’t just lay around and become super model thin. (I know, I’ve tried) As frustrating as it is for all the Neanderthal worshipers, evolution will always be a made up story by a sad little man. The only thing he got right was the Law of Natural Selection. In nature, the weak do not survive. Having said that, I say it is time to stop supporting liberals. Let them go extinct!

Re-Blogged from the Blaze:

There’s no indication that the contentious debate between evolutionists and creationists is anywhere near subsiding. In fact, both sides have ramped up their efforts to poke holes in the opposition. A new Christian film project called “Genesis 3D” is seeking to do just that, as its creators openly pledge to disprove the purported “lie of evolution,” while bringing the Bible’s story of creation to life.

Using a crowd-sourcing model, the film’s creator, Creation Today President Eric Hovind, has launched a campaign to raise $150,000 to complete the animated project. While this is a lofty goal, the online fund-raising effort, which launched on Indiegogo just one week ago, has already brought in more than $90,000.

The Lie of Evolution: New Genesis 3D Film Promises to Show the Story of Creation Like Never Before

A screen shot from the crowd-sourcing website showing the more than $85,000 that has been raised

Hovind is calling the movie a “bold statement,” telling TheBlaze this week in an e-mail interview that he wants viewers to experience the creation story in a very personal way — so personal, in fact, that they actually feel like they were there when it happened (hence the 3D effects).

“Genesis 3D will bring to life the Genesis account as it has never been done before,” he said. “And not just with great visual effects, but also up to date scientific research from leading experts in biblical creation.”

The Lie of Evolution: New Genesis 3D Film Promises to Show the Story of Creation Like Never Before

Photo Credit: Genesis 3D Movie LLC

Many scientists, atheists and others who embrace evolutionary theory and who reject the Bible’s take on creation will be less-than-thrilled with the project, especially considering it’s literal look at the world’s formation. But Hovind believes that there is plenty of scientific research to support the “truth,” which he claims is rooted in the creationist message.

“The new Genesis 3D Movie is thrilled to be working with some of the leading scientists and theologians in the Creation movement,” Hovind continued. “Renowned ministries like Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research have expressed their enthusiasm to lend their PhD power to Genesis 3D.”

The Lie of Evolution: New Genesis 3D Film Promises to Show the Story of Creation Like Never Before

Photo Credit: Genesis 3D Movie LLC

Hovind and his team claim that they have spent years looking at the creation issue and the film will be the perfect opportunity to add perspective to the ongoing debate. “Genesis 3D” will essential corroborate the reasons why he believes Christians are justified in taking the Bible’s creation account literally.

“Those who dismiss the Bible will need to reconsider their position upon experiencing Genesis 3D,” he added, also claiming that the film will be a major barrier for evolutionary enthusiasts. “[The film] directly confronts the lie of evolution which has so permeated our culture.”

The Lie of Evolution: New Genesis 3D Film Promises to Show the Story of Creation Like Never Before

Photo Credit: Genesis 3D Movie LLC

Evolution, Hovind believes, has separated people from embracing God and the Bible. So, rather than sit back and complain, he’s set out to come up with a purported solution that will surely spark debate.

Though the movie isn’t yet complete, you can watch the trailer, below:

Atheist critics are apparently already speaking out. David Silverman, president of American Atheists, is quoted as decrying the project in a press release promoting the film. Taking aim at the fundraising success thus far, the secular leader said he’s not surprised.

“As we have seen in nearly every religion in world history, indoctrinated victims of religion will do anything, including pay large sums of money, to have their antiquated beliefs of immortality validated,” Silverman allegedly said. “Flashy movies may make Christians feel like there is validity to the myth that they are immortal, covering up the known and proven truth with special effects.”

Regardless of where you stand, if the fundraising trajectory keeps up, you’ll eventually have a chance to see the film and judge it for yourself.

Neighbors Petition to Stop Bronze Star Winner From Building a Home in Their Area, and You Won’t Believe Why

So these snobs are more concerned with how a house will look next to theirs. They could care less that this man went to war and fought for their right to be this stupid. Maybe the community could have come together with a pledge to help this family instead of a petition to keep them out with their wood house. Maybe they could have donated the brick if it is so damned important. That’s fine, people. Keep on worrying about petty crap like brick vs. wood. Keep on thinking that you are soooo much better than everyone else. God is watching you! What a bunch of ugly hearts!

Re-Blogged from The Blaze: A two-time recipient of the bronze star who served two tours in Afghanistan, where as a result of combat he lost hearing in one ear, might have felt some security for his wife and three children when he found out they qualified for a Habitat for Humanity home in Illinois.

But U.S. Army Sgt. Brian Wood, who is still an active member of the National Guard and works as a warehouse manager, is receiving less than a warm welcome from some his new neighbors as petitions have been filed against the construction of the house, the Peoria Journal Star reported.

sgt brian wood with family and rep aaron schock

Sgt. Brian Wood with his wife Julie and children and Rep. Aaron Schock when it was announced earlier this year they would receive a Habitat for Humanity home. (Photo via Peoria Journal Star)

The issue? That the Habitat for Humanity home would not fit in with the rest of the homes in Morton — more specifically, they’re worried the house would be made of wood, not brick.

Phil Luciano for the Journal Star reported Matt Sommer, a four year resident in the neighborhood, saying he saw a petition with about 10 signatures regarding the Habitat house.

“Do you realize, that it’s going to made of wood, not brick?” Sommer recalled of a woman about 75 years old saying when she knocked on his door.

When Wood returned from Afghanistan, one of his major worries was a lack of affordable housing for his family. This is what led the 28-year-old father to Habitat, according to the Journal News. The veteran had to qualify for the home and is excited to get into the neighborhood, which is a suburb of Peoria.

“We were blessed to get to go to Morton. We know it’s wonderful community,” he told the Journal News.

When he learned about the petition against the wood home, Wood said he and his wife were surprised and “really hurt.”

Lea Anne Schmidgall, executive director of the local Habitat for Humanity chapter, told Luciano with the Journal Star that neighbors were too quick to jump to conclusions, noting that the charity makes sure the houses it builds fit in with surrounding homes.

“If we have to add brick, we’ll do it,” Schmidgall said.

Construction of the home is set to begin in the spring.

Congressman Aaron Schock (R-IL) announced in July that he would be the Master Building Sponsor for the project, meaning he would assume financial responsibility for it.

“It’s a tremendous honor for me to sponsor the Veteran Build home for Sergeant Brian and Julie Wood. The Wood family is the embodiment of a generation who stood up in response to the attacks on September 11, 2001,” Schock said in a statement at the time.

“Brian’s exemplary military service speaks for itself and includes two Bronze Stars. As a military spouse, Julie answered the call of duty alongside her husband serving as the unwavering foundation for their family and raising their three children while Brian was deployed,” he continued. “The Wood family has sacrificed immensely over the last decade in service to our country. This Habitat home is a small token from myself and a very grateful community for what the Wood family has done for all of us.”

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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Neighbors Petition to Stop Bronze Star Winner From Building a Home in Their Area, and You Won’t Believe Why
Liz Klimas
Fri, 27 Sep 2013 12:32:47 GMT

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How Death Penalties in the U.S. Are Hitting a Road Block Because of…the E.U. re-blogged from The Blaze

Why do we need a drug? A rusty needle full of air injected will do just fine and save us millions. Why do these pieces of crap deserve rights anyway? They took away someone else’s rights which is why they are on death row in the first place. They can eat a bologna sandwich, drink water and work till the rusty needle comes calling for all I care.

Ohio used the last of its lethal injection drug on 61-year-old Harry Mitts Jr. Wednesday. Now it, like other states, faces a shortage of pentobarbital after an overseas company stopped providing it due to the European Union’s opposition to the death penalty.

The Danish pharmaceutical company Lundbeck LLC, which manufactures pentobarbital, is refusing to supply more of the drug for executions in the United States, causing states to look for other options.

lethal injection

This Oct. 24, 2001 file photo shows the death chamber at the state prison in Jackson, Ga. The state of Georgia plans to use a compounding pharmacy to get the drug needed for an execution scheduled for next week. A Department of Corrections spokeswoman on Thursday, July 11, 2013 confirmed that the state will get pentobarbital from a compounding pharmacy for the execution of Warren Lee Hill, which is set for Monday, July 15. (Photo: AP/Ric Feld, File)

Before 2011, several states used the anesthetic sodium thiopental as part of their lethal injections. But Hospira Inc halted production of the drug that year, forcing states to look elsewhere for drugs that could be used for lethal injections. This other option was pentobarbital, but now states are figuring out how to still carry out the death penalty without their drug of choice.

Ohio’s Department of Rehabilitation and Correction said it expects to announce its new execution method by Oct. 4.

Other U.S. states have altered the drugs used in executions, juggled the combinations of drugs and sought to buy new supplies overseas or from different drug companies.

Some death penalty states, like Georgia, announced that it turned to compounding pharmacies, which make customized drugs that are not scrutinized by the Federal Drug Administration, to obtain a lethal drug for execution use.

Missouri wants to use propofol, the anesthetic blamed for pop star Michael Jackson’s 2009 death — even though the drug hasn’t been used to execute prisoners in the U.S. Its potential for lethal injection is under scrutiny by the courts.

“The states really scramble to go all over to get drugs. Some went overseas, some got from each other. But these manufacturers, a number them are based in Europe, don’t want to participate in our executions. So they’ve clamped down as much as they can,” Richard Dieter, executive director of the Washington-based Death Penalty Information Center, an anti-death penalty organization, said last month.

He said pentobarbital, which has been used along or in concert with other drugs in all executions in the U.S. the past two years, was more readily available because it was commonly used as a sedative.

“But I guess restrictions have been put on its distribution,” Dieter said. “It’s uncertain where all of this goes because it’s inherently a medical kind of procedure involving some health professionals who are largely focused on keeping people alive. It runs into contradictions with executions — people strapped to a table. Executions aren’t exactly what the medical model is.”

Texas, which executes more people than any other state, said in August that its supply of pentobarbital also would expire at the end of September, allowing it to conduct only one more execution with the drug, on September 26. But criminal justice department spokesman Jason Clark, said on Tuesday the state’s supply of the drug was not expiring this month after all. He did not explain what had changed since August.

Republicrats Have No Honor

I have just about had it with these RINO's thinking they are speaking for the whole of the Republican party. It is no wonder we can't win a damned election. The only reason we re-gained control of the House was because of the Tea Party. And then what happened? As soon as some of them were elected, they turned on the very people who put them there. I am sick of listening to the senile John McCain. I do not want to hear anything from little Lindsey Graham. Peter King? Just SHUT UP already.

All of these assholes, and many more, are speaking out against Ted Cruz.If these people truly cared about America and Americans, they would be listening to the voice of the People. Instead, they are listening to the whisper of promised fortune and power. Peter King gave an interview to CNN to speak against Ted Cruz. CNN! That's right, go speak to the ones whom you really serve, Peter. And John McCain also spoke out against Ted Cruz. Telling him the people spoke and we lost. No, John, YOU lost. Ted is fighting for us.

I am absolutely disgusted by these people and quite frankly, Rand Paul is starting to piss me off, too. And our Senator here in Texas, John Cornyn? He will not ever get my vote again! In fact, he's up for re-election in 2014. I think it may be time to throw my hat in that ring. I would LOVE to debate that asshole.

We The People are fed up with the stupidity of the establishment GOP. And we will more than gladly VOTE YOU ALL OUT! We need a new party. I will no longer associate myself with these Republicrats. It is getting harder to tell who is who anymore. If we do not stand and support people like Ted Cruz, then we are completely lost as a Nation. But just because these so called "Republicans" are withering and whining doesn't mean the rest of us are finished! I know I won't stop until I take my last breath. It's time to take our Country back, people! Let's Roll!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Letter To Senator John Cornyn

I sent this letter to John Cornyn. Please feel free to use it, change it, whatever to send to your Senator. Do it today. We need to help Ted Cruz and stand with him against Obamacare.

Dear Senator Cornyn:

I am writing to ask you to support the will of the people and vote against cloture on funding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. You know there is a fight in the Senate for this right now. I have to wonder if you have even heard the voice of the people concerning Obamacare? I hope, sir, that today you hear my voice as a roaring in your ears from many voices as one. We The People do not want this. If you will just stop and think for a moment, you will know this to be true.

You know we have been lied to. Obamacare was supposed to save people money and instead it is causing people to be dropped from their healthcare providers and how many people have already had a cut in their hours or lost their job altogether because of this? This bill will not save people money. It will not be better for the Country. It has already made things worse. Now, as people are having their hours cut, how will they afford this “tax”? Nancy Pelosi has said that she is happy people have had their hours cut because now they can pursue their dreams and not be tied to 40 hour work week. Harry Reid has said that even though he and his wife live alone, they still buy food. Well, good for Mr. Reid, that he is able to still enjoy looking around the grocery store and is able to buy food. For most, a trip to the store is stressful. We look at the prices and know that we can only get what we can so we can feed our families. By voting for cloture, sir, you are deciding to stand with these people and with Obama. You are deciding to stand against the American people.

Senator Ted Cruz is the only one who has stood strong in his convictions against Obamacare and he is standing even now for the American people. This has set many Republicans on edge and they are against him. If this bill is so great, then why are so many people trying to get waivers for it? Congress has a waiver. The labor unions tried to get one. Why? Because it is bad for business and it is bad for America. People are struggling enough as it is. We don’t have nice cushy jobs where our salary is paid by other Americans. And we certainly do not have perks afforded to us as those afforded to those in office. People like you, Senator. You have been elected to serve us. We pay your salary. It seems as though, you have a puss and boots face before you get elected and then turn into Cujo against the people after you are sitting comfortably behind your desk.

This isn’t about a Republican issue verses a Democrat issue. This is about standing strong against this fundamental transformation of America. The only campaign promise Obama has kept. America has changed. Look around, Senator. Our society has morally decayed. God is removed. The Constitution has been trampled upon and Obama’s face adorns our flag. There have been more “scandals” with this President then with any other. Do you speak out against Benghazi? The IRS? Fast and Furious? NSA spying? Drone use against American’s? How about Syria and the rush to war with them? And how about the fact that Russia looks like the World leader while America looks like a fool? Do these things matter to you? If you are only going to vote for what YOU feel is best, then perhaps you should become a private citizen like the rest of us because that is not what we hired you to do. And if you vote for Cloture on this, you will not receive my vote ever again. And I will let my voice be heard so that others do the same. Would a Democrat then take your seat? Maybe, but, to quote Hillary, “What difference would it make” if you are only going to vote with them and for them? The American people are not stupid, sir. We see and know what is going on and we hire people to do something about it. Not to become a building block for more of the same.

I hope sir, that you have truly listened today and that you will stand with Mr. Cruz. Doing so would show that you are standing with America and not against her.
A. Petree

The Conservative Wife

Monday, September 23, 2013

Pelosi Attacks GOP ‘Anti-Government Ideologues,’ Claims Anti-Obamacare Republicans Are ‘Legislative Arsonists’

I believe, Nancy, that all that Botox has poisoned your little pea brain.  You didn’t have many brain cells to spare in the first place but then you went and killed off the last of them with all your injections. Too bad because you’re still ugly, you old cow.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi attacked Republicans pushing to defund Obamacare for being “legislative arsonists” and claimed their “anti-government ideology” is “making a mess” on Capitol Hill.

Pelosi Attacks GOP Anti Govt Ideologues, Claims Anti Obamacare Republicans are Legislative Arsonists

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union.” (Image source: CNN)

“None of us [in Congress] come here to have more government than we need,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in an interview aired Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

She said that rather than ask “How much government do we need?” many Republicans simply say, “We don’t need any government.”

“The anti-government ideology … is making a mess of what goes on in Congress,” Pelosi said.

She continued, blaming the threat of a possible government shutdown on “anti-government ideologues” who dominate the Republican Party.

“Republicans put legislation on the floor that was intended to shut down government,” she said, referring to the GOP’s most recent effort to defund Obamacare. “To them, that’s a victory because they’re anti-government ideologues.”

“They want to defund Obamacare,” Crowley said as if asking for a clarification.

“No,” Pelosi replied. “They want to shut down government.”

The California congresswoman later said in reference to her disagreement with Republicans over the budget that many in the GOP, “legislative arsonists” as she calls them, want to “burn down” what Congress should “be building up in terms of investments in education and scientific research.”

“How far away are they from what you could deal with?” Crowley asked.

“What we deal with is what we agreed to in the Budget Control act which is a bipartisan agreement. The Budget Control Act was one trillion 57, theirs is $988 billion,” Pelosi said.

“That makes a very big difference in the delivery of service to the American people. So, I think it’s really important to note that there are lots of excuses that they use.

“But for many of them, I call them legislative arsonists. They’re there to burn down what we should be building up in terms of investments and education and scientific research,” she added.

She clarified that not all Republicans want to shut down government. Still, she added, many in the GOP would view it as a victory:

Which Longtime GOP Senator Apparently ‘F***ing Hates’ Ted Cruz?

Of course McCain hates Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz stands for everything that McCain is against. He never had any intention of trying to win the election in 2008. It was all a set up right from the beginning. Well guess what Johnny boy, most of America “F***ing” hates you back. And Mr. Cruz is right. It still gets to me that I was forced to vote for the idiot in 2008. No way was I voting for the Kenyan. I am so sick of seeing this RINO’s face. Time to go McCain, back to your little rich wife that you left your other wife for. And as far as McCain being on the same side of the isle is completely false. It is getting hard to tell the Republicans from the Democrats these days. Only those like Ted Cruz can stand out and stand apart from the cesspool in Washington. Go away McCain…. you have used up your “usefulness”.

Sen.. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has been ruffling feathers since his arrival in Washington this year. Including some on his own side of the aisle.

This Longtime GOP Senator Reportedly F**king Hates Ted Cruz

Secretary of State John Kerry speaks with Sen.. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in Washington, D.C., Sept. 18, 2013. (Getty Images)

In fact, according to a new profile in GQ magazine, the Texas senator has earned the intense dislike of Sen.. John McCain (R-Ariz.)

“He f***ing hates Cruz,” an adviser to Sen.. McCain told GQ’s Jason Zengerle. “He’s just offended by his style.”

But it appears that the contentious relationship cuts both ways. Cruz has his own words for the senior Arizona senator.

“I don’t know a conservative who didn’t feel embarrassed voting in 2006 or 2008,” Cruz said. “I think the Republican Party lost its way. We didn’t stand for the principles we’re supposed to believe in.”

Recall that McCain mocked Sens. Cruz and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) after the Kentucky senator’s 13-hour filibuster over the White House’s drone policy, referring to the two senators and those who agree with them as “wackobirds.”

More recently, McCain has criticized Cruz for his efforts to defund Obamacare, suggesting that attempts to do away with President Barack Obama’s health care law are “not rational.”

“I can tell you that in the U.S. Senate, will not repeal or defund Obamacare. We will not,” McCain told CNN. “And to think we can is not rational.”

Atheists Have a New Plan to Increase Their Political Power in America

I am so sick and tired of these people having a voice. Everywhere you turn these days, there is some idiot flapping his/her lips. They have nothing useful to say and do nothing but spread hate. They have a deep seeded hatred for God that has been with them from the beginning. That “beginning” being in Genesis 1:1. They are the 1/3 that immediately followed Satan in that first Earth age. They are the ones here in this end generation. Now they will have another chance to choose, either God or Satan. Seems we know already who their choice is. They are nothing more than Satanists. Not believing in God makes you a Satanist. I remember a time when people like this were ostracized and not glorified. Oh how the mighty have fallen. America has lost her moral compass for sure.

Re-Blogged from The Blaze: It’s no secret that atheist activists are on a quest for increased political representation. In early 2012, TheBlaze reported on the creation of the National Atheist Party (which has since changed its name to Secular Party of America), a progressive political movement aimed at bringing non-believers into positions of power in the public square.

Now, there’s a new effort: The Freethought Equality Fund (FEF), a political action committee (PAC) that hopes to “change the face of American politics.” And how will the organization do this, you ask?

Atheists Launch Freethought Equality Fund to Bring Non Believers to Public Office

Photo Credit: Freethought Equality Fund

Living up to its name, the group plans to pool funds to provide support for atheists, humanists and non-believers looking to run for public office.

The FEF isn’t only limited to those seeking to secure positions on the national level, though. The organization pledges to support secularists who are seeking posts at all levels of government.

“The FEF PAC will provide nontheist Americans the opportunity to make their voices heard in the political process by supporting candidates who identify as humanist, atheist, agnostic, and who share our goals of protecting the separation of church and state and defending the civil liberties of secular Americans,” reads the FEF PAC website.

In addition to seeking representatives in government who adhere to these values, it seems non-believers have another motivation for creating the PAC: To correct some of the stereotypes and stigmas that have been applied to secular people.

From myth-busting to helping bolster the number of atheist politicians in the public sphere, the FEF has quite a number of complicated tasks and maneuvers in its path — but the group appears ready to tackle them.

While the FEF will mostly support secularists, the organization has also pledged to offer assistance to some religious candidates, pending these individuals are known for “supporting the rights of non-believers.”

Atheists Launch Freethought Equality Fund to Bring Non Believers to Public Office

Photo Credit: Freethought Equality Fund

“The increasing numbers of non-religious Americans now have a vibrant PAC that will be directly supporting candidates who champion the principles of secular government now so fervently under attack,” said Bishop McNeill, the PAC’s director. “There is a clear need to assist candidates who will challenge those looking to use the power of government to impose religious doctrines on everyone.”

The FEF is being launched through the Center for Humanist Activism, a project of the American Humanist Association, a decades-old humanist organization. For those wondering what the term “humanist” means, consider the definition offered by the FEF: “Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism, affirms a responsibility to lead ethical lives of value to self and humanity.”

Whether the group is successful remains to be seen. Past efforts such as the Secular Party of America have, thus far, not been as fruitful as originally planned.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

This Is John McCain’s Scathing Op-Ed Response to Vladimir Putin

So I’m confused. Is Johnny Boy talking about Putin here, or Obama because the similarities between the two are striking in this so called op-ed. You know what the real difference is McCain? Putin is a killer. Obama is a limp wristed asshole who has others do his killing.

Sen. John McCain published a scathing op-ed against Russian President Vladimir Putin in Russian news outlet Thursday, saying he rules by “corruption, repression and violence.”

“President Putin and his associates…don’t respect your dignity or accept your authority over them,” the Arizona Republican wrote to the Russian people. “They punish dissent and imprison opponents. They rig your elections. They control your media. They harass, threaten, and banish organizations that defend your right to self-governance. To perpetuate their power they foster rampant corruption in your courts and your economy and terrorize and even assassinate journalists who try to expose their corruption.”

John McCain Op Ed Response Vladimir Putin

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) wrote a scathing response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s op-ed in The New York Times. (AP photos)

McCain — who famously declared during the 2008 presidential campaign that when he looked in Putin’s eyes he “saw three letters: K-G-B” — had vowed to write an op-ed in response to Putin’s piece last week in The New York Times.

McCain said Putin has allied “Russia with some of the world’s most offensive and threatening tyrannies” including “supporting a Syrian regime that is murdering tens of thousands of its own people to remain in power.”

“President Putin doesn’t…believe in you. He doesn’t believe that human nature at liberty can rise above its weaknesses and build just, peaceful, prosperous societies. Or, at least, he doesn’t believe Russians can. So he rules by using those weaknesses, by corruption, repression and violence. He rules for himself, not you,” McCain wrote.

McCain’s op-ed was published two days after House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) also wrote a response to Putin in a Moscow newspaper.

McCain’s op-ed in ran alongside an unsigned editorial accusing the U.S. of hypocrisy in Syria.

Read McCain’s full op-ed at

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Teen Almost Gets Away With Robbing 85-Year-Old Vet…Until His Mom Steps In

Perhaps if more parents would do this, there wouldn’t be as many thugs running around. But then the prisons would be overcrowded. Oh wait, they already are. Well, so what? Let them live like the animals they are. To even think they have rights after taking rights away from others is incomprehensible to me. If a thug takes away the rights of their victim, which they always do, then that should waive all of their rights. Too harsh? How about robbing and beating an 85 year old war veteran? That little old man fought for their stink ass. Do they care? Nope. They only care about a weak target. Well, come to my house you little idiots. You can then say hi to Trayvon for me.

Re-Blogged from The Blaze: An 85-year-old military veteran who was robbed twice got a little justice on Friday after the mother of one his assailants turned her son over to Kansas City authorities.

Her son and his partners were twice caught on video robbing the disabled veteran. The victim was badly beaten the first time and didn’t put up a fight when a group of nine Missouri teens came to rob him a second time.

Teen Almost Gets Away with Robbing 85 Year Old Vet    Until His Mother Turns Him In

Michael Bray, 18, was turned over to the authorities by his mother after he confessed to robbing an 85-year-old military veteran. (Image source: KCTV-TV)

During the second robbery, Michael Bray, 18, pulled a gun on the veteran and held the door open, letting in his partners, according to court documents.

The teens stormed the veteran’s house, stealing a rifle, a handgun, thousands of rounds of ammunition and a smart phone, KCTV-TV reported.

After footage of the robbery circulated on local news stations, Bray’s mother knew what needed to be done. She confronted her son and he confessed to being involved in the crime, documents show.

She then drove her son to the Kansas City Police Department’s Center Patrol Station on Friday and turned him over to the cops.

Bray confessed to the crime, telling detectives he gave his handgun to someone else to avoid getting caught, and the detectives worked out a plea deal for him with the prosecutors, KCTV reported. He was charged Monday with first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary and two counts of armed criminal action, according to the station.

One of Bray’s alleged partners, a 14-year-old, was caught and charged in juvenile court. Kansas City officials are currently searching for additional suspects involved in the robberies, KCTV reported.

Although Bray’s mother has declined media interviews, her actions have earned her praise from the community.

“I think that’s great. Parents by all means should not uphold their children when they know they are wrong,” said Shawn Smith, who lives two doors from the victim. “I know it’s a tough decision to make. You’re forced with protecting your child or loving your child and doing what’s right. But at the end of the day, you have to do what’s right, especially when they violate someone else’s sense of privacy and security.”

“Hats off to her. She is a wonderful lady,” he added. “Great job. I wish we had more parents like that.”

Smith said he was thrown off by how young the suspects are.

“The one thing that stuck out to me [while] looking at those pictures is that those children are very young,” he said. “That was very disturbing.”

Test for technorati

Just a test blog for technorati. Code is 52EVCNJ7SRD7.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Publisher of AP History Book Containing Questionable Second Amendment Summary Has Direct Ties to Common Core – and There’s More

It is vital to pay attention to what is going on in our schools. This Common Core and C-Scope crap are changing the history our children learn. My son’s school is about to have a fight as they are using C-Scope. Not good, not good.

The publisher of a controversial advanced placement history textbook, which acts as a study guide for the advanced placement U.S. history exam and seems to diminish the Second Amendment, is directly linked to Common Core standards, TheBlaze has learned. Additionally, it appears a South Carolina high school, and possibly many others, are using a different history textbook that also contains a questionable interpretation of the Second Amendment.

Common Core

The first book, “United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination,” not only contains a controversial summary of the Second Amendment, but it also compares the “American mobs” who fought in the Revolutionary War to the “guerrilla bans that fought in such countries as Cuba in the 1950s and Vietnam in 1960s and points out that the Boston Tea Party was “far too radical” for some.

Perfection Learning, which bought out the original publisher of the book, AMSCO, makes no effort to hide its connection to the controversial Common Core Standards. A quick review of its website reveals a “Common Core Solutions Center” and more.

Publisher of AP History Book Containing Questionable Second Amendment Summary Has Direct Ties to Common Core


“Founded by two educators in 1926, Perfection Learning provides high-quality, innovative curriculum solutions to K-12 schools across the country and internationally. All of the major programs support the Common Core State Standards,” the site’s “About Us” page reads. “Innovative literature programs provide cost-effective solutions for teaching critical thinking skills and incorporating the new demands of the Common Core State Standards.”

Publisher of AP History Book Containing Questionable Second Amendment Summary Has Direct Ties to Common Core


Listed under the publisher’s “specialties” is “Common Core trade book collections.” Multiple attempts to contact Perfection Learning have been unsuccessful.

As previously reported by TheBlaze, the history book in question defines the Second Amendment as limited to state militia. “The people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia,” the summary definition reads.

Readers have submitted tips TheBlaze claiming the book is also being used in several additional schools and districts. In addition to the schools and districts we’ve previously disclosed (here), the text is reportedly also being utilized at the Jefferson County School District in Clay, Ala., and at West Forsyth High School in Clemmons, N.C., according to parents who reached out to TheBlaze.

Andrew Kraft, social studies program manager at Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, told TheBlaze that the district’s official history book is “The Enduring Vision.” However, he said it appears that the history teacher at West Forsyth High recommended the AP history book as a supplemental resource, but it is not required reading.

Kraft would not discuss the district’s view on the definition of the Second Amendment found in the book.

Messages left with the Jefferson County School District in Alabama were not immediately returned.

Second book

It appears that the poor interpretation of the Second Amendment isn’t limited to one book either.

TheBlaze has also learned that a high school in Simpsonville, S.C., is supposedly using another textbook that includes a highly questionable definition of the Second Amendment.

“The Second and Third Amendments — grant citizens the right to bear arms as members of a militia of citizen-soldiers and prevent the government from housing troops in private homes in peacetime,” the book’s summary reads. In a separate box on the same page it paraphrases the amendment as “the right to bear arms,” not the right to “keep” and bear arms.

According to photos posted on Facebook, the history book is titled, “The Americans,” and is reportedly being used at Hillcrest High School.

The American Textbook Council (ATC) says “The Americans” textbook is considered to be a “widely adopted history textbook” in the United States for “general-level eleventh grade classrooms.”

Publisher of AP History Book Containing Questionable Second Amendment Summary Has Direct Ties to Common Core

(Facebook screen shot)

Publisher of AP History Book Containing Questionable Second Amendment Summary Has Direct Ties to Common Core

(Facebook screen shot)

Did Obama Just Waive the Ban on Arming Terrorist Groups?

He has got to find some way of arming al-qaeda. His goal is not to help people. He could care less about people dying. Just ask those who have been in the wake of his death trail, foreign and domestic. His goal is to establish his precious Muslim Brotherhood throughout the middle east and here at home. Obama is a dangerous and evil man.

President Barack Obama on Monday announced he would waive the federal law intended to prevent the supply of arms to terrorists groups so the U.S. can provide arms and other military assistance to the Syrian rebels, the Washington Examiner’s Joel Gehrke reports.

As TheBlaze has previously reported, a number of radical Islamic terrorist groups, including al Qaeda, have aligned themselves with the Syrian opposition in the quest to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Obama Reportedly Waives the Ban on Arming Terrorist Groups for Syrian Rebels

US President Barack Obama speaks on economy in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, next to the White House, in Washington on September 16, 2013 to mark the five-year anniversary of the financial crisis. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

The Washington Examiner reports:

The president, citing his authority under the Arms Export Control Act, announced today that he would “waive the prohibitions in sections 40 and 40A of the AECA related to such a transaction.”

Those two sections prohibit sending weaponry to countries described in section 40(d): “The prohibitions contained in this section apply with respect to a country if the Secretary of State determines that the government of that country has repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism,” Congress stated in the Arms Control Export Act.

“For purposes of this subsection, such acts shall include all activities that the Secretary determines willfully aid or abet the international proliferation of nuclear explosive devices to individuals or groups or willfully aid or abet an individual or groups in acquiring unsafeguarded special nuclear material,” the law continues.

The president of the United States has the authority to waive the restrictions if he “determines that the transaction is essential to the national security interests of the United States.”

It is unclear how arming the Syrian rebels could possibly be interpreted as “essential to the national security interests of the United States.” However, Obama is making the case that Assad having chemical weapons is a nation security threat to the U.S.

Last week, the Washington Post reported on a “major escalation of the U.S. role in Syria’s civil war” after the Obama administration went ahead with its promise to provide “lethal aid” to the rebels.

According to sources, arms shipments of light weapons and other munitions were delivered to the rebels as well as nonlethal gear like sophisticated communications equipment, advanced combat medical kits and vehicles.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Piers Morgan vs. 3 Pro-Gun Advocates in Explosive Debate: ‘More Guns Is Not the Answer!’

Kind of like the difference in being gassed to death or having your head cut off, right Piers? Your argument is stupid just as you are. People who are intent on killing will do so, with or without a gun, you jackass!

CNN host and outspoken gun control supporter Piers Morgan hosted three noted gun rights advocates to debate gun control in the wake of the deadly Navy Yard shooting in Washington, D.C., on Monday. It didn’t take long before the host and his guests were shouting over one another in a heated back-and-forth exchange.

Conservative radio host Ben Ferguson and “More Guns Less Crime” author John Lott both argued that inside the Navy Yard was a “gun-free zone.” Ferguson claimed gun control was “a failure in this base with all the best security in the world” because only the guards at the gate were armed and prepared to respond to such an attack.

After Morgan rattled off a list of statistics on mass shootings, Independent Firearm Owners Association President Richard Feldman said the problem was more complex than that. He said America never had a “grown-up conversation” about the real problem of mental health.

Piers Morgan Takes on Pro Gun Advocates in Explosive Gun Debate


“Instead of staying focused on the problem, we start talking about the particular type of gun used — as if being shot with a different type of gun would somehow be better or worse,”Feldman said.

Morgan responded by pointing on what he believes is the “real” problem: “You guys just never accept that the gun itself can ever be part of the problem.”

The CNN host also claimed there were armed security personnel “crawling” over the Navy Yard base and it “made absolutely no difference.”

Lott replied, saying “when you go and ban guns from certain areas…you actually create a magnet for these kinds of attacks occur.” He also dismissed Morgan’s “Mother Jones” gun statistics and argued that academic studies have determined mass shootings are not on the rise.

When Ferguson again insisted that more people at the Navy Yard should have been armed, Morgan sighed and lectured his pro-gun panel.

“Think about your position! Think about how it helps save American lives! Because it doesn’t! More guns is not the answer,” he said.

How Do We Save America From Destruction?

Recently, I posted a blog on Tea Party Nation where I am a member. The comments are what made me stop and think. The question was, “How are we going to regain control of America?” It’s a question for which I do not have a solid answer. I have ideas, yes, but no way to implement this plan. The biggest problem, and the one from which all others stem, is the lack of a moral compass in this Nation…in the world. We have people here in America that are more concerned with watching TV and their favorite reality shows than with trying to find the truth in the news, if they care about the news at all. We have young people idolizing idiots like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber instead of true American heroes like our soldiers who go off to fight for our freedoms.

Our teachers are too busy trying to push forward their own progressive agenda to actually bother teaching the subject at hand. Kids aren’t taught to think for themselves; rather they are force fed whatever the “new and improved” textbooks say is right. Schools in Denton, Texas are teaching the 2nd Amendment as The People Have a Right to Keep and Bear Arms in a State Militia. This is just outright wrong. Our government has created an us against them mentality within our own Country. Christians and Christianity is under attack and those in power are the ones cheering this on. Our own president will call to congratulate a gay basketball player for coming out of the closet, yet he remains silent when an American hero, Chris Kyle, is murdered. Not to mention the silence concerning Benghazi.

Our government has taken to spying on its own citizens in order to gather information to use against those they deem to be against them. I could go on and on concerning the corruption and immorality that is happening today. But how do we stop it? I am only a tiny voice in a tempest storm. I feel as though I am trying to yell at the Super Bowl without a bullhorn. I don’t have a large following and some days I feel as though I am wasting my time. But I keep doing it because even though I may only be a drop of water in the middle of the ocean, I will continue those drops and when they are combined with others who are the same as me, those drops create ripples. Those ripples can only move further out into the ocean as the drops keep coming, eventually reaching the shore. Do we have time for these ripples to take effect? I don’t know but I feel as though we are on very thin ice right now and that our time is running short.

I know that I want to do more than just create a ripple in an ocean. I wish I had a voice that could not be ignored. So I am calling on some of you that do have that platform. Call upon your readers to make a pledge. A pledge for America. A pledge for morality and for human decency. If we need to create a foundation of sorts for it, then let’s do it. I know how to write by-laws and I have dealt with gaining non-profit status so I can help with that if I need to. This is our Country. Help me create a bigger ripple in this moral decay. Help me find the solution as to what we can do. I am willing to work, for free. I know there are some of you out there that can get people off their butts and on their feet to do something other than type or read some words and say, “Yeah!” I don’t want to be a big shot or in charge. I just want to help. I want to be a part of something that is so much bigger than I will ever be. I want to take a stand for God and for America. For my family and for yours. To give a voice to all of those who have none and to stand for those who can’t.  Together, we can be heard. Together, we can make a difference that matters. Together, we can make certain our grandchildren know the America that we have known. But it is going to take just that. Together.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

This Muslim Alternative to Controversial Miss World Pageant Includes Reciting Quran and Headscarf Styling

Huh… And I always assumed guys preferred bikinis to burkas. And just for the record, I will say that I always thought they had dirty eyes. That’s all I can see from their body tent. Why host it if it’s such a problem? We need to seriously quit trying to kiss the ass of the Muslim community. There’s probably a bomb strapped to it anyway.

As TheBlaze reported last month, plans for holding the Miss World pageant this month in Indonesia have sparked protests by Islamic hardliners upset that an event featuring immodestly dressed women is being held in the predominantly Muslim country.

Now, a new rival contest has been announced featuring “pious” Muslim women covered from head to toe. The Muslimah World contest will take place this Wednesday in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, according to organizers interviewed by AFP.

“Muslimah World is a beauty pageant, but the requirements are very different from Miss World — you have to be pious, be a positive role model and show how you balance a life of spirituality in today’s modernized world,” Muslimah World pageant founder Eka Shanti tells AFP.

According to Al Arabiya, choosing the 20 finalists from 500 applicants included “competitors reciting the Quran and sharing anecdotes of how they can to wear the headscarf, which is a requirement of the show.”

This Muslim Alternative to Controversial Miss World Pageant Includes Reciting Quran and Headscarf Styling

Muslimah World posted photos from its ‘Colorful Hijab Fun Walk’ (Photo: Facebook)

“The finalists, from Iran, Malaysia, Brunei, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Indonesia, will parade Islamic fashions in what Shanti says is an opportunity to show young Muslim women they do not need to show their ‘immodest’ parts — including their hair and bare shoulders — to be beautiful,” writes AFP.

“We don’t just want to shout ‘no’ to Miss World. We’d rather show our children they have choices. Do you want to be like the women in Miss World? Or like those in Muslimah World?” Shanti says.

Facing the intense backlash from Muslim hardliners, Miss World contest organizers announced they would drop the bikini competition from the contest.

This Muslim Alternative to Controversial Miss World Pageant Includes Reciting Quran and Headscarf Styling

Indonesian Muslim activists hold a demonstration in Jakarta on Saturday to protest plans for the Miss World beauty pageant. (Photo: Bay Ismoyo/AFP/Getty Images)

The anti-pageant demonstrations which began earlier this month continued over the weekend, with protesters holding signs which read “Miss World Is Whore Contest,” “Reject Miss World” and “Miss World Go To Hell,” according to the Associated Press.

Other demonstrations have included the burning of effigies of pageant organizers, AFP reports.

Several hundred protesters from the Islamic Defenders Front and the Islamic Society Forum rallied in Jakarta on Saturday, while similar protests were reported in two other Indonesian cities.

The Associated Press reports that pageant events began last Sunday in Bali, a majority Hindu province in Indonesia.

AFP reports that last week, Indonesian officials announced that the Miss World finals would be moved from Jakarta to Bali, but event organizers say it would be impossible to make such a last-minute change. Protesters want the event to be moved out of the country entirely.

According to its website, the Miss World finals will be held on September 28 in Jakarta.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Open Letter To Americans and Vladimir Putin

My Fellow Americans,

Over the past few days we have been subjected to an op-ed from Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin. Now it seems as though we will also be subjected to an op-ed from John McCain and Fidel Castro. I see no difference in these people other than the country in which they each reside. I will address Mr. Putin’s letter in a moment, but first I would like to be completely honest and tell you that I could care less what Mr. McCain and Castro have to say. Their ideals do not match those of the American people. And when I say American people, I mean those who truly care and love this great Nation. Those who have fought and died for our special freedoms and who are sick at the systematic destruction that is taking place. America has cancer and it is going to take some heavy chemo to rid her of this disease.

The disease is greed and laziness. There is a greed for money and power and those who crave it will stop at nothing to attain it. There is laziness in this country such as I have never before seen. The work ethic is all but gone. More and more Americans are on food stamps than at any other time in our history. There are those who have no choice but to accept them because not doing so means their family doesn't eat. They can’t find jobs to support themselves and their family. Then there are those who are generational in their welfare. There is no incentive to better themselves. There is no guiding hope that once pushed Americans forward in their quest to make the most out of this life. To work hard and reap the rewards of that work. No, these are the ones that are dangerous. They sit around and expect something to be put in their hand by those who do work, never once caring that those who are working are struggling to get by. If these benefits are removed, this generation of lazy people will riot in the streets, demanding that their pocket be filled with the fruits of another’s labor.

America has gone through many changes since she became a Nation. Many people think that the founding fathers created the Constitution as freedom FROM religion. This is wrong. It is freedom OF religion. This means that just as you are free to worship whomever you choose or to not worship anyone at all, I am also free to worship God. Openly and fervently. But the voice of a few has drowned out the voice of the many. And God is being denied at a breakneck pace. The further God is pushed out, the further away from blessing our Nation is. Those who deny God so as not to offend another had better be ready to have God deny them. These aren’t my words, they are God’s. And it doesn't matter if you believe or not. What will happen is what will happen and no one will stop it. I have not ever in my life shoved my religion down anyone’s throat, yet I now have homosexuality and abortion shoved down mine. If you wish to live as a homosexual, then do so. I could care less, but do not think I find it okay to shove that filth in my face or have my children exposed to it. And if you wish to have an abortion, that also is on you. Just don’t expect me to pay for it unless you are willing to finance a trip for me to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Fair is fair after all.

Now Mr. Putin, you stated that Obama is wrong about America being exceptional. I say that you are both wrong. America IS exceptional but not because of more empty words spoken through vain, lying lips. America is exceptional not because of the land we have or the name we carry. It is exceptional because of what lives inside of every American Patriot. Men, women and children who have a love for the idea of America. A place where we are free to express ourselves and worship whomsoever we will. We do not have nor do we need a so called leader to think for us. Again, I am speaking of true Americans and not those who feel they are entitled to something because of events that happened long ago and not in their individual life, (slavery). We have a passion in our heart and we will always stand with Liberty, no matter the cost of that freedom. Many have laid down their lives for the cost of our exceptionalism. Not because a dictator told them to do so. We worship no king and no dictator. We serve God and there is absolutely nothing that anyone could ever do to make us not do so. God hears our thoughts and He knows our heart. 

Do not think, sir, that you have somehow earned the right to speak to Americans as though you are our leader. You are not. Just because you stand stronger than our own leader at the moment, he does not represent true Americans. He is a joke. He is our pusillanimous (p)resident. And he has other goals in mind for the destruction of America. And it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. He is half white after all. And I despise the white half as much as the black.

We are Americans and we will not go silently into the night. We are strong and we will stand. Our might is in our heart. We are exceptional. And we will remain so. And no one will take that from us. Not though words, not through a liberal controlled media, and not through a president who wishes he was dictator. No. We will remain American Patriots and there is nothing you can do about it. We ARE The People and America IS our home. We are America.

‘They Think War Is Always the Answer’: Sen. Rand Paul Takes Shot at Some Christians’ ‘Overeagerness’ to Defend Israel Militarily

With all due respect, Senator, we are willing to defend our ally, EVEN IF it means war. Not war first above all else. The problem is, no one in this administration would bother to piss on Israel if she were on fire and THAT is a problem. Israel is surrounded by those who hate her. SURROUNDED! Imagine living in such a way, Senator. No one there to come to your aid should the winds shift in an ugly direction. Obama made clear he would side with the Muslims. We did not start this war. It has been raging from the beginning of time. God put enmity between his children and those who serve Satan. Any other god served if of Satan. We do not rush to war, sir. But we should stand and defend ourselves and those who are our closest allies. You are wrong in your attempt to shame Christians. And you have failed in your attempt to shame me. If war is what they desire and if they bring it to our shores or the shores of our sister Israel, then war is what they shall have.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) says he has difficulty reconciling the politics of “some” Christians who support Israel and Jews — especially their “overeagerness” to go to war to defend Israel — with the tenets of Christianity.

Sen. Rand Paul Takes Shot at Some Christians Overeagerness to Defend Israel Militarily

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) speaks during the ‘Exempt America from Obamacare’ rally, on Capitol Hill, September 10, 2013 in Washington, D.C. (Credit: Getty Images)

Paul makes his comments in an interview with Buzzfeed:

“I think some within the Christian community are such great defenders of the promised land and the chosen people that they think war is always the answer, maybe even preemptive war. And I think it’s hard to square the idea of a preemptive war and, to me, that overeagerness [to go to] war, with Christianity.”

Friday, September 13, 2013

DENIED: Unions Won’t Get Waiver Protection From ‘Highly Disruptive’ Obamacare, Labor Boss Now Dodging Media

Good! You idiots just had to have Obamacare and you didn’t care what was in it. You care now though, don’t you? You are getting everything you deserve and more. Too bad you embeciles had to drag America down with you. Stupid union idiots!

Despite all the support, money, and tireless campaigning, it looks like organized labor will have to endure President Barack Obama’s major health care overhaul like the rest of us.

Many union bosses have for months lobbied U.S. lawmakers to amend the Affordable Care Act to accommodate union workers and small employers in the construction, retail, and transportation industries.

But it appears their efforts have been in vain.

Denied: Unions Denied Waiver Protection From Highly Disruptive Obamacare, Labor Boss Dodging Media

Supporters of U.S. President Barack Obama respond during his speech at the annual AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic at Coney Island September 7, 2009 in Cincinnati Ohio. (Getty Images)

In a leak to the Washington Post Friday, a White House official said the administration ”does not see a legal way for individuals in multiemployer group health plans to receive individual market tax credits as well as the favorable tax treatment associated with employer-provided health insurance at the same time.”

The official said the White House is working to find a compromise.

“The Administration will work with multiemployer plans and other non-profit plans and encourage them to offer coverage through the Marketplace, on an equal footing, to create new, high-quality, affordable options for all Americans,” the official says.

But that may not be enough to placate certain union bosses.

“[T]hey’re not necessarily happy about it,” the Washington Post reports, adding labor bosses are looking into the idea. “It means giving up the advantages they get by being associated with employers, and it will entail significant disruption for their members.”

Following the Washington Post’s revelation, the Treasury Department issued a formal letter explaining the White House’s reason for turning down union requests (see attached below).

Treasury’s announcement comes just days after the AFL-CIO, one of the largest private sector unions in the United States, passed a resolution stating Obamacare, which it branded as “highly disruptive,” will force workers and employers to abandon their union-sponsored health plans because they’ll become too costly.

And some union bosses say the resolution didn’t go far enough.

Sean McGarvey, head of the AFL-CIO’s Building and Construction Trades Department, submitted a draft saying Obamacare needs to be repealed unless it Congress amends it to offer protection for union multi-employer plans, CBS News notes.

The final AFL-CIO resolution claims Obamacare will drive up the cost of health care plans jointly administered by unions and employers in construction and similar industries.

Union bosses fought vigorously to have the law changed so that it would “make their low-income workers eligible for the same types of federal subsidies they could get in the exchanges,” CBS explains.

“They have also suggested rules that would treat their multi-employer plans as qualified exchange plans under the new law,” the report adds.

AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka even traveled to the White House several times to see if he could change their minds on Obamacare.

During the apparently failed negotiations, the Congressional Research Service said that requested changes would be unlawful.

The White House reportedly instructed labor leaders not to voice their misgiving in the form of a resolution, a source told the Associated Press.

The source, who spoke on the condition on anonymity, said union leaders explained the resolution was to bring attention to their concerns.

When asked if it had taken steps to discourage the resolution, the White House said in a statement Wednesday night that administration officials “are in regular contact with a variety of stakeholders, including unions, as part of our efforts to ensure smooth implementation and to improve the law.”

Denied: Unions Denied Waiver Protection From Highly Disruptive Obamacare, Labor Boss Dodging Media

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And on Friday, just before Treasury made its announcement and just after union bosses met at the White House to discuss their Obamacare woes, Trumka was in no mood to speak with the press.

A group of reporters asked the labor boss what his top policy “ask” was, to which he reportedly responded that his wish was for ”you all to stop following me,” POLITCO reports.

Trumka met for more than an hour behind closed-door with President Obama and top White House officials, the report notes.

“It was a good meeting,” Trumka said after the meeting. “We’re continuing to work on problem solving. You’ve got the only quote you’re going to get.”

The White House declined to say who was at the meeting.

John McCain to Give Putin Taste of His Own Medicine, Will Pen Op-Ed for Russia’s Pravda

Please don’t let this idiot write anything for Americans. This entire little war of words is nothing but commie v. commie. You were a hero once, McCain, but your time is done. Please leave us alone now. You no longer stand for American values and you do not speak for me.

Could this be the tit-for-tat retort that reboots the U.S.-Russian debate over the Syrian crisis?

After Russian President Vladimir Putin’s controversial New York Times op-ed, none other than Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is reportedly ready to throw down with an opinion piece of his own…in a Russian publication.

John McCain Reportedly to Attack Vladimir Putin in Op Ed for Russian Paper Pravda

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That’s right. McCain’s apparently ready to pen an op-ed for the pages of Pravda that gets right in Putin’s face, according to The Cable.

“If John McCain wants to write something for us, he is welcome,” Dmitry Sudakov, the English editor of Pravda, tells The Cable. “Mr. McCain has been an active anti-Russian politician for many years already. We have been critical of his stance on Russia and international politics in our materials, but we would be only pleased to publish a story penned by such a prominent politician as John McCain.”

When The Cable told McCain’s office about the offer, communications director Brian Rogers reportedly replied within minutes. “On the record: Senator McCain would be glad to write something for Pravda,” The Cable quotes Rogers. “So we’ll be reaching out to Dmitry with a submission.”

McCain initially indicated his interest in penning such a column during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, the Huffington Post says. McCain joked at the time, “I would love to have a commentary in Pravda,” The Cable reports.

But McCain isn’t the sole politician wanting to fire back at Putin with words. Democratic Congressional Committee Chairman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) submitted a piece to the Russian magazine Kommersant called “An Open Letter to the People of Russia,” the Huffington Post says.

“I am convinced that we would not agree on many things that he would have to say in his column,” Sudakov tells The Cable of a potential McCain piece, “but an article like that would obviously be published in English and then translated into Russian so that all our Russian readers could read what Mr. McCain has to say.”

‘Like Reading a Suicide Note’: Is This 9/11 Homework Assignment Too Much for 7th Graders?

Wow. What is the matter with people? 9/11 is tragic enough without some hair brained “teacher” making it worse. I truly pity the teacher who ever tries this crap at my son’s school.

“It was almost like reading a suicide note,” Kate Gurka said.

That was the Texas mom’s reaction to a 9/11 homework assignment her 7th-grade daughter brought home this week.

KRIV-TV obtained a copy of the language arts assignment from Fairview Junior High in Alvin, Tex., about 30 miles south of Houston. It read in part, “If you knew you were about to die, who would you want to be the last person that you talked to? Write a letter to that person. What would you want them to know? Please give a lot of thought to this letter.”

Is This 9/11 Homework Assignment Too Much for 7th Graders?

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Gurka said she noticed a letter in her 12-year-old daughter’s folder on the eve of Sept. 11.

“She told me, ‘Mom the teacher wants us to write a letter like we were stuck on a tower or on a plane’ and then she showed me the paper,” Gurka told the station. “I just thought it was absolutely ridiculous.”

Is This 9/11 Homework Assignment Too Much for 7th Graders?

Parent Kate Gurka was unnerved by a Sept. 11 homework assignment at her daughter’s middle school. (Image source: KRIV-TV)

“They are supposed to pretend that they are…not going to make it out,” Gurka adds. “This is their goodbye letter.”

KRIV posted the assignment on its Facebook page and received many comments, both pro and con in regard to the assignment.

“Simply tasteless and insensitive…” user Shadia Khanter wrote, “too soon and too much for 7th graders.”

“I see nothing wrong with this… [it's] empathy, reflection & opens the mind,” Angelique Berry commented. “I wouldn’t mind my children doing this assignment at all. Kuddos [sic] to the teacher.”

The Alvin school district in a statement apologized to any families who found the assignment “insensitive.”

“We sincerely apologize to any of our families that found this activity to be insensitive. As educators, we strive to meet the individual needs of our students both instructionally and emotionally while maintaining a high level of sensitivity,” the district said.