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Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Am A Chauvinist...And I Wear Lipstick

Ah, the old term...Male Chauvinist Pig. "Male Chauvinism" became the description for a man who cared more about his role as a masculine man then he did for women in the 1950's. Women were only good for doing household chores and raising kids. Men were the important ones. The word "pig" became attached to "male chauvinist" in the 1970's because it was, and still is, a derogatory term applied to policemen. The hippies really hated the cops. Between them and the feminists, the word has forever changed.

But what is the real and actual meaning of the word "chauvinist"? It means extreme patriotism and was named after Nicolas Chauvin, a French general who was known for his extreme loyalty and devotion to Napoleon Bonaparte.

I have extreme patriotism. I love America and everything that she has stood for. I do not love America's leaders. I find it sad that so many hate America. The very country where they have been given the freedom to speak out against those things that they do not agree with. They wish to "fundamentally change" her and they have succeeded to a point. Gone are the days of full blown American pride. Gays are exalted while heroes are forgotten and left to die. The uber wealthy liberal elite bang the drums of income inequality all while stuffing their pockets continually with even greater wealth that they steal from hard working, tax paying Americans. It is offensive to say Merry Christmas or to pray before a high school football game but a religious right to cut off the head of any non-Muslim.

Though the America around me may change, the America within me will not. Because that is where the true American spirit resides. In the hearts of American Chauvinists like myself who refuse to sit down and shut up and swallow the lies being fed to us on a daily basis. Those of us who have the eyes to see the truth before us and the ears to hear it with understanding. I may not be able to change the world, but I can ensure that the world will not change me.

My daily message to the NSA is "Screw You"! Listen and record all you want. It won't make me stop and it won't make me become silent. And there is an ever increasing echo of my voice. We are the American People and we have American spirit alive and well living inside of us. And we proudly "cling" to our guns and our religion but not through bitterness. We do so with a sense of pride and humbleness that is uniquely American. 

I am a Chauvinist.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

5 Year Old With Cancer Has Simple Wish...Make It Come True

With all of the crap going on in our Nation and in the world....take a moment to make a little boy smile. Send him a card and make his wish come true. I don't know the little guy, but I am praying for him and his family and he will be receiving a card from my family. Won't you do the same?

Monday, July 21, 2014

White House Petitions...You Won't Believe What People Are "Concerned" With

I was browsing around today on the White House website looking through the petitions over there. I have to say, I am really saddened by which petitions have received the most signatures. It really shows where "americans" have placed their priorities. And the petitions there that every American should sign, have very few signatures. Here are some:

Formally address the issue of black-on-white interracial violent crime

Whereas, according to FBI statistics, more than two million white Americans are victimized by black-perpetrator instigated violence, annually;
Whereas the federal government is complicit in promoting guilt in whites and anger and resentment in blacks, which leads to black-on-white violence;
Whereas Barack Obama is the head of the federal government, and;
Whereas he has addressed the issue of interracial violence when he perceived that a black person (Trayvon Martin) was the victim of interracial violent crime;
Therefore be it resolved that President Barack Obama shall make the termination of black-on-white interracial violent crime a national priority and shall formally address the issue during a press conference, that he convenes at 7:00 PM EDT on Tuesday, August 5, 2014.
Now, we all know that good ol' Barry isn't going to address this. He promotes this type of violence, even relishes in it. If it ain't Trayvon, then he ain't concerned 'bout it. The petition has only garnered 204 signatures.

Protect America’s Bald Eagles: Make the Avian Protection Plan mandatory and don't allow killing by wind turbines.

Protect America's Bald Eagles - countless eagles are killed by electrocution that could be prevented by retrofitting power poles. Three of the world's most famous eaglets have been electrocuted since 2012 in Decorah, Iowa, most recently on July 8, 2014. Help get this petition to the White House to make the Avian Protection Plan mandatory. Ask the White House to not excuse wind turbine companies and give them a free pass when it comes to ensuring the safety of this national symbol and magnificent raptor.
Again, Barry could care less about our National symbol of freedom. He's doing everything he can to destroy America. Why would he do something to save an Eagle? 203 signatures.

Address the fact that America is the only advanced economy in the world that does not guarantee any paid vacation days.

America is the only advanced economy in the world that does not guarantee any paid vacation days. As a result, 1 in 4 American workers in the private sector have no paid time off. That's 28 million people who have zero days to spend at the beach, see loved ones, visit a national park or just watch their kids play Little League. Guaranteed paid vacation days would benefit businesses, the economy and the lives of millions. We urge you to act on behalf of the U.S. and bring vacation equality to the land of the free.
This seems to be something "americans" are concerned with. Screw the Eagles and crime, just give us a guaranteed vacation at the expense of our employer who has to most likely hire someone else to fill our void while we are visiting the beach. 2,415 signatures.

Hold Israel Accountable for Violence & Crimes Against Americans & Palestinians. Cease Monetary & Military Aid to Israel

15-year-old Tarek Abu Khdeir, a U.S. citizen, was brutally beaten by Israeli police in East Jerusalem. The State Department called for an investigation for this crime. However, history shows that Israel has never received punishment for killing and harming Americans. The U.S. cannot allow these injustices to continue.
The U.S. also needs to cease all monetary and military aid to Israel. Sending more than $3 Billion annually is fueling Israeli violence against Palestine and has allowed Israel to continue violating International Laws and Human Rights. Since July 7, Israel has killed at least 41 Palestinians, including 13 children; injured more than 100 people; and deliberately targeted 60 homes. Our tax dollars are being used to help Israel shed innocent blood. We must protect human rights.
Because big bad Israel started all of this, right? No matter how many times they have tried to have peace, terrorists who hate them will not allow it. They are fighting for their right to exist and yet, the lefty landers feel as though they do not have that right. Truly disgusting. 1,366 signatures.

Treat unaccompanied minors as refugees eligible for asylum rather than undocumented immigrants

The unaccompanied minors at the border are children, fleeing violence and threat of trafficking or death in their home countries. As such these children should be treated as refugees and given opportunity for asylum here in the United States rather than deported as illegal or undocumented immigrants. This is not an immigration issue it is a humanitarian one. Follow the example of the worlds on the Statue of Liberty, the Lady in the Harbor signalling the willingness of the United States to take in those in need, and treat these children as Jewish refugees, Vietnamese refugees, and Bosnian refugees were previously treated as well as the way Cubans fleeing their country are treated today. Grant these children asylum in the United States for their own safety.'s an idea, how about the people for this stupid idea, just adopt all those "children" and see how well that works out for them. And as for all the disease these people are bringing over, just wait until school starts and our American kids start getting sick. It won't be good, people. Disease doesn't just disappear because you cross a border ILLEGALLY! And quite frankly, the people from those countries are not in any worse shape then they have ever been. The situations are not worse. It is far worse to send your child off on their own in the hands of evil men who sexually and physically abuse them, force them to cut each other's body parts off, and then leave them to cross a dangerous river into a country they know nothing about and are unable to speak the language of. In America, you get arrested and your kids taken away for doing that. Keep them home....their own home. 327 signatures.

I could go on and on but you get the idea. I seriously HATE the left and their very warped view of things. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Teenage Girls Arrested For Torturing Endangered Tortoise


See that poor guy in the picture? Two teenage girls in Florida thought it would be fun to video tape themselves stomping on him and lighting him on fire. After they posted the video online, I guess thinking they were really cool and maybe even hoping to get famous for their disregard for life, citizens were outraged enough to contact the Wildlife Conservation Department and the girls were arrested. That turtle is endangered. Here is the snippet from Click Orlando:

One girl said: ‘Burn baby, burn baby’ before adding, ‘Now you’re scared of us, huh?’…Another then said: ‘Ugh, I just want him to die.’ According to ClickOrlando, there were multiple complaints to wildlife protection agencies in Florida causing an investigation to be launched. The charges the girls will face have not yet been decided and it is unclear whether they will be charged as adults or juveniles.

Not only should they be charged as adults, they should be charged as future serial killers. I have no compassion or tolerance for people who commit acts such as this. I am pro-hunting which involves animals being killed. I like steak and I understand where said steak comes from. And I can shoot, clean and cook an animal if I have to. But torture? No, there is never an instance where torturing an animal is okay. These girls should be stomped on and then lit on fire, all the while being mocked by the ones doing it to them. I wouldn't waste the urine to piss on the fire either. 

This is what our culture of "I have a right to do what I want" is producing. Kids like these. People who put up memorials for the thugs that kill cops and call for more cops to be killed. Our society is in the gutter and that is where it will stay until we get rid of the trash...and these girls are trash...and turn back to God. If we as a Nation, do not get on our knees and then stand up against the immoral, we are sunk forever. 

I, for one, am a very disgusted Conservative Wife today. And I would not care if these two faced a firing squad over this poor little tortoise. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Splinters In Her Crotch!

My brother sent this email to me. It is so good that I knew I had to share. The only thing that would make it better is if it were true.

A woman from Los  Angeles, who was a tree hugger, a liberal Democrat, and an anti-hunter, purchased a piece of timberland near Colville, WA. There was a large tree  on one of the highest points in the tract.

She wanted a good view of the natural splendor of her land so she started to climb the big tree. As she neared the top she encountered a spotted owl that attacked her.

In her haste to  escape, the woman slid down the tree to the ground and got many splinters in her  crotch.

In considerable pain, she hurried to the local ER to see a doctor. She told him she was an environmentalist, a democrat, and an anti-hunter and how she came to get all the splinters.

The doctor listened to her story with great patience and then told her to go wait in the examining room and he would see if he could help her. She sat and waited three hours before the doctor reappeared.

The angry woman demanded, "What took you so long?"

He smiled and then told her, "Well, I had to get permits from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management before I could remove old-growth timber from a "recreational area" so close to a waste treatment facility. I'm sorry, but do to Obama-care...they turned you down."


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just Another Message Of The Same Ol' Same Ol' From Obama

What more is there to say?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Remember When Clinton Deported Elian Gonzales?

In November of 1999, a woman drowned trying to get her young son from Cuba to America. Her young son, Elian Gonzales, survived and became the center of an extremely volatile international custody battle. Make no mistake, mom and her boyfriend wanted to be here, too, only it didn't quite work out that way for mom. I remember in the year 2000, images of people raising money for the legal fees surrounding young Elian. Relatives here in the States were fighting his father who was still in Cuba. They even took him to Disney World/Land.

I remember thinking then that he should be returned. He was a Cuban citizen, not an American and his father wanted his son returned. And in that same year, 2000, Janet Reno, under Clinton's direction, ordered Federal Agents to seize Elian and return him to Cuba. Now, he is a soldier in Castro's army, Fidel or Raul, it doesn't really matter.

I just find it "funny" that a liberal president sent a Cuban packing and the left still adored him. Now we have another POS and he is helping them all get here by the droves and the left adores him, too. If a Republican President had of deported Elian, they would have been in an uproar and if a Republican President was allowing these illegals to come here as they now are, they again would be in an uproar. 

Perhaps what we should do is go to every liberal household, and don't bother knocking, just let yourself right in. And help yourself to their food, their clothing, the very bed they sleep in themselves. Demand they take us to the Dr. and then demand they pay for it. Stay in their house, eat their food and wear their clothes. They don't mind. That's what they want us to do for all of these illegals. Somehow though, I get the feeling they wouldn't like it too much yet they also would never make the connection. 

Liberalism is truly a mental disease.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

We Are At War With Mexico

Whether America knows it or not, we are at war with Mexico. And that war was orchestrated by our very own American government. Cloward and Piven would be so proud of Obama. He is following there instruction to the letter and America is in very grave danger. Not only are the people coming across in droves illegal, they are also carrying deadly, third-world disease. And no one in power is stopping them. They are, in fact, being transported to different cities and towns all across America where they are being released. Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Dengue Fever, Lice, Scabies...all of these diseases are being walked right across our border on the backs of their hosts. 

The Mexican military has crossed our border and fired shots at our Border Patrol. Now, Mexican Police have fired shots at our Border Patrol, this time severely injuring one of our agents. Tell me we are not at war! They are at war with us, at least. Obama is such an idiot, he doesn't care that they bring their filth here. He likes filth because he is of filth. He lay surrounded by filth in the womb of his communist whore mother and never knew any other lifestyle his entire life. He is a member of the Chicago Bathhouse....along with Rahm Emmanuel...which is an "elite" club for gay men. That is where he got the name Bathhouse Barry. Disgusting, to say the absolute very least.

In today's world of technological advances in every category you could possibly imagine and several more that you couldn't, there is absolutely no reason for any country to be "third-world". The reason they are is stupidity and a complete and total lack of caring for themselves and their environment. It only takes common sense to realize that you can't shit in the same ditch where you gather your drinking water. It only takes common sense to realize that allowing filthy flies to walk all over your face and your food is going to make you sick. Do these people not have two eyes to see exactly what flies like to walk around on? 

During the past month, I have seen my little Texas town explode with even more illegals. And it pisses me off. To see them using that damned EBT card for 2 baskets full of groceries...with steak...while I can only afford hamburger meat? And they have done nothing but come here illegally to be handed everything on a shining little platter. All with a voter registration card on top of it all already checked off with Democrat. They don't give a damn about their own country and that is why it is in the shape it is. They certainly won't give a damn here. Why should they? They take, take, take and give nothing in return but a vote. 

Obama, you have gone too far. You have pushed the American people one time too many. And we are pissed! Your lies will be laid out for all the world to see. You are nothing but filth. You are a dog, which in the Hebrew is Keleb. It's meaning is a male whore, a homosexual faggot. You are an abomination to God and to His people. And God has measured you and has found you wanting. I judge you not, but my Father in heaven does, and He has said you will be destroyed. Daniel 11:20. (Use a KJV, not one of the other versions that have been watered down and altered completely to hide the true meaning). When God says you will be is only a matter of time. Not in anger nor in war. That means that you will bring about your own destruction with your own two tongues, you lying son of a bitch! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Let Freedom Forever Ring

Freedom truly is the most beautiful sound in the world. Not some muslim call to prayer as Obama thinks. In fact, he is visiting a mosque to celebrate today. Such a patriot, isn't he? Sarcasm off now. America is the greatest nation there is and yes, she is exceptional. Call me a chauvinist if you must, I don't care, but I do have a deep and lasting pride in my beloved America. I do not hold such feelings of honorable duty to the ones in charge of running her right now. 

America is unclean at the moment. Just as Jebus was. You know, the name of Jerusalem before God cleaned her up. There is a spot in all of the entire universe that is God's favorite. Out of everything there can possibly be out there in that vast entity we call space, Jerusalem is God's favorite. And she had an unclean birth. She was filled with filth and disease. But God picked her up and cleaned her up. Heaven will be here on Earth in the end and God's very throne will be in Jerusalem. And those 12 tribes of Israel are His chosen people. And what a huge number that is now. Only 2 of those tribes make up the nation of Israel, Judah and Benjamin. But what of the other 10? Where are they? Well, they are the 10 tribes that escaped captivity and went North over the Caucuses Mountains. They settled Europe, Scotland, Canada and America. Yes. America!

Are you a child of the living God? Do you care about this beautiful nation that flows with milk and honey? God gave us free will. How nice it would be to use it to His and our advantage. First and foremost, get on your knees before God so that you have the strength and courage to stand before man. Because stand we must. Talk flows like water raging toward the cliff of a massive waterfall. But action is what follows. When the water rushes over the cliff with such a force that the area below has no choice but to give way. Even rock cannot stand the force and over time erodes away. 

We have been raging towards the cliff my friends, but the time has come to rush over it and to do so with such a force that those who wish to ruin this nation will have no other choice but to either flow with us or be eroded away.

If God is for us, who can be against us....and make no mistake, God is with those who love Him and serve Him....not with those who don't. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Thad Cochran Paid $15 Per Vote To Steal Mississippi Election

The Mississippi run off election between GOP incumbent Thad Cochran and Tea Party favorite Chris McDaniel is not quite over. Even though Cochran "won", perhaps he didn't after all. Things are heating up and it doesn't look good for the long term and quite brain dead GOP Senator from Ole Miss.

Now a prominent black pastor is coming forward saying that Cochran bought the votes of black Democrats for $15 each. Only, Cochran apparently reneged on the deal, and the black democrats are livid. They want their $15, dammit! And Cochran really should have no problem ponying up the funds, after all, Michael Bloomberg gave him $250k for his campaign. Makes you wonder what sort of "favor" he will be giving Bloomberg in return. 2 Amendment anyone? Apparently Cochran thinks it's up for sale.

Not only should this crook concede, but he should be tried AND convicted AND sent to prison. America is fed up with the BS. Our red line was crossed a long time ago. These "establishment" GOP people need to be booted out right along side the Dems. Every single one of them. I am really considering a run for President on the Democratic ticket. I would LOVE to debate Hillary and every other loser POS Democrat they put up. 

If Democrats can vote to get a loser GOP Senator elected, then they surely wouldn't have a problem with a staunch Conservative Christian running on the Democrat ticket...right?