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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Thad Cochran Paid $15 Per Vote To Steal Mississippi Election

The Mississippi run off election between GOP incumbent Thad Cochran and Tea Party favorite Chris McDaniel is not quite over. Even though Cochran "won", perhaps he didn't after all. Things are heating up and it doesn't look good for the long term and quite brain dead GOP Senator from Ole Miss.

Now a prominent black pastor is coming forward saying that Cochran bought the votes of black Democrats for $15 each. Only, Cochran apparently reneged on the deal, and the black democrats are livid. They want their $15, dammit! And Cochran really should have no problem ponying up the funds, after all, Michael Bloomberg gave him $250k for his campaign. Makes you wonder what sort of "favor" he will be giving Bloomberg in return. 2 Amendment anyone? Apparently Cochran thinks it's up for sale.

Not only should this crook concede, but he should be tried AND convicted AND sent to prison. America is fed up with the BS. Our red line was crossed a long time ago. These "establishment" GOP people need to be booted out right along side the Dems. Every single one of them. I am really considering a run for President on the Democratic ticket. I would LOVE to debate Hillary and every other loser POS Democrat they put up. 

If Democrats can vote to get a loser GOP Senator elected, then they surely wouldn't have a problem with a staunch Conservative Christian running on the Democrat ticket...right?   


  1. This louse infested son of a bitch should get 20 years for this. But, chances are he won't even get a slap on the wrist.

  2. This actually started with Rush Limbaugh and his operation Chaos. Of course he did not pay off anybody and it was an attempt to derail the democrats not a fellow republican.

    1. "fellow republican"? Is there really such a thing anymore? The 'establishment' republicans are in reality no different than the dems, they exist solely to maintain their power and positions and are more than willing to attack anyone who does not follow their lead.

  3. We need to break away from the corrupt republican establishment party and form our own Party, running godly conservative's.