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Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Am A Chauvinist...And I Wear Lipstick

Ah, the old term...Male Chauvinist Pig. "Male Chauvinism" became the description for a man who cared more about his role as a masculine man then he did for women in the 1950's. Women were only good for doing household chores and raising kids. Men were the important ones. The word "pig" became attached to "male chauvinist" in the 1970's because it was, and still is, a derogatory term applied to policemen. The hippies really hated the cops. Between them and the feminists, the word has forever changed.

But what is the real and actual meaning of the word "chauvinist"? It means extreme patriotism and was named after Nicolas Chauvin, a French general who was known for his extreme loyalty and devotion to Napoleon Bonaparte.

I have extreme patriotism. I love America and everything that she has stood for. I do not love America's leaders. I find it sad that so many hate America. The very country where they have been given the freedom to speak out against those things that they do not agree with. They wish to "fundamentally change" her and they have succeeded to a point. Gone are the days of full blown American pride. Gays are exalted while heroes are forgotten and left to die. The uber wealthy liberal elite bang the drums of income inequality all while stuffing their pockets continually with even greater wealth that they steal from hard working, tax paying Americans. It is offensive to say Merry Christmas or to pray before a high school football game but a religious right to cut off the head of any non-Muslim.

Though the America around me may change, the America within me will not. Because that is where the true American spirit resides. In the hearts of American Chauvinists like myself who refuse to sit down and shut up and swallow the lies being fed to us on a daily basis. Those of us who have the eyes to see the truth before us and the ears to hear it with understanding. I may not be able to change the world, but I can ensure that the world will not change me.

My daily message to the NSA is "Screw You"! Listen and record all you want. It won't make me stop and it won't make me become silent. And there is an ever increasing echo of my voice. We are the American People and we have American spirit alive and well living inside of us. And we proudly "cling" to our guns and our religion but not through bitterness. We do so with a sense of pride and humbleness that is uniquely American. 

I am a Chauvinist.


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