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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Teenage Girls Arrested For Torturing Endangered Tortoise


See that poor guy in the picture? Two teenage girls in Florida thought it would be fun to video tape themselves stomping on him and lighting him on fire. After they posted the video online, I guess thinking they were really cool and maybe even hoping to get famous for their disregard for life, citizens were outraged enough to contact the Wildlife Conservation Department and the girls were arrested. That turtle is endangered. Here is the snippet from Click Orlando:

One girl said: ‘Burn baby, burn baby’ before adding, ‘Now you’re scared of us, huh?’…Another then said: ‘Ugh, I just want him to die.’ According to ClickOrlando, there were multiple complaints to wildlife protection agencies in Florida causing an investigation to be launched. The charges the girls will face have not yet been decided and it is unclear whether they will be charged as adults or juveniles.

Not only should they be charged as adults, they should be charged as future serial killers. I have no compassion or tolerance for people who commit acts such as this. I am pro-hunting which involves animals being killed. I like steak and I understand where said steak comes from. And I can shoot, clean and cook an animal if I have to. But torture? No, there is never an instance where torturing an animal is okay. These girls should be stomped on and then lit on fire, all the while being mocked by the ones doing it to them. I wouldn't waste the urine to piss on the fire either. 

This is what our culture of "I have a right to do what I want" is producing. Kids like these. People who put up memorials for the thugs that kill cops and call for more cops to be killed. Our society is in the gutter and that is where it will stay until we get rid of the trash...and these girls are trash...and turn back to God. If we as a Nation, do not get on our knees and then stand up against the immoral, we are sunk forever. 

I, for one, am a very disgusted Conservative Wife today. And I would not care if these two faced a firing squad over this poor little tortoise. 


  1. "These girls should be stomped on and then lit on fire, all the while being mocked by the ones doing it to them."

    As much as what these girls did was absolutely horrible - and they absolutely should be punished - I have a really difficult time picturing Jesus making this statement. WWJD? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it's not that.

    So if that's your vision of "turning back to God," thanks.

    1. Right, because God never told the children of Israel to get rid of the trash, and Jesus never went through the temple overturning tables and using a cat of nine tails on the money changers.... What would you do? Give them a hug? Who can deal with people like this? God send them to Him and let Him do his job!

    2. They will be dealt with when they die but that isn't your job. By using instances where Jesus turned over tables, used a cat of nine tails and told people to get rid of what isn't becoming of a Christian life, are you trying to equate yourself with Christ? What they did is degustingly horrible, but hate is not the answer.

    3. Of course they will be dealt with and they also have a chance to be FORGIVEN. And I certainly do not equate myself to Christ. I am human and sin far too much. I gave an opinion which happened to be mine. I read about things like this happening more and more these days and I am so saddened that people no longer care 2 cents for life...animal OR human. Would I ever do anything to these girls? No, I wouldn't, but I would turn my back on them and walk away...because I can't even compare to the Grace of God. But let me ask you this...Do you think God hates?