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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Remember When Clinton Deported Elian Gonzales?

In November of 1999, a woman drowned trying to get her young son from Cuba to America. Her young son, Elian Gonzales, survived and became the center of an extremely volatile international custody battle. Make no mistake, mom and her boyfriend wanted to be here, too, only it didn't quite work out that way for mom. I remember in the year 2000, images of people raising money for the legal fees surrounding young Elian. Relatives here in the States were fighting his father who was still in Cuba. They even took him to Disney World/Land.

I remember thinking then that he should be returned. He was a Cuban citizen, not an American and his father wanted his son returned. And in that same year, 2000, Janet Reno, under Clinton's direction, ordered Federal Agents to seize Elian and return him to Cuba. Now, he is a soldier in Castro's army, Fidel or Raul, it doesn't really matter.

I just find it "funny" that a liberal president sent a Cuban packing and the left still adored him. Now we have another POS and he is helping them all get here by the droves and the left adores him, too. If a Republican President had of deported Elian, they would have been in an uproar and if a Republican President was allowing these illegals to come here as they now are, they again would be in an uproar. 

Perhaps what we should do is go to every liberal household, and don't bother knocking, just let yourself right in. And help yourself to their food, their clothing, the very bed they sleep in themselves. Demand they take us to the Dr. and then demand they pay for it. Stay in their house, eat their food and wear their clothes. They don't mind. That's what they want us to do for all of these illegals. Somehow though, I get the feeling they wouldn't like it too much yet they also would never make the connection. 

Liberalism is truly a mental disease.


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