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Friday, July 4, 2014

Let Freedom Forever Ring

Freedom truly is the most beautiful sound in the world. Not some muslim call to prayer as Obama thinks. In fact, he is visiting a mosque to celebrate today. Such a patriot, isn't he? Sarcasm off now. America is the greatest nation there is and yes, she is exceptional. Call me a chauvinist if you must, I don't care, but I do have a deep and lasting pride in my beloved America. I do not hold such feelings of honorable duty to the ones in charge of running her right now. 

America is unclean at the moment. Just as Jebus was. You know, the name of Jerusalem before God cleaned her up. There is a spot in all of the entire universe that is God's favorite. Out of everything there can possibly be out there in that vast entity we call space, Jerusalem is God's favorite. And she had an unclean birth. She was filled with filth and disease. But God picked her up and cleaned her up. Heaven will be here on Earth in the end and God's very throne will be in Jerusalem. And those 12 tribes of Israel are His chosen people. And what a huge number that is now. Only 2 of those tribes make up the nation of Israel, Judah and Benjamin. But what of the other 10? Where are they? Well, they are the 10 tribes that escaped captivity and went North over the Caucuses Mountains. They settled Europe, Scotland, Canada and America. Yes. America!

Are you a child of the living God? Do you care about this beautiful nation that flows with milk and honey? God gave us free will. How nice it would be to use it to His and our advantage. First and foremost, get on your knees before God so that you have the strength and courage to stand before man. Because stand we must. Talk flows like water raging toward the cliff of a massive waterfall. But action is what follows. When the water rushes over the cliff with such a force that the area below has no choice but to give way. Even rock cannot stand the force and over time erodes away. 

We have been raging towards the cliff my friends, but the time has come to rush over it and to do so with such a force that those who wish to ruin this nation will have no other choice but to either flow with us or be eroded away.

If God is for us, who can be against us....and make no mistake, God is with those who love Him and serve Him....not with those who don't. 


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