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Sunday, July 6, 2014

We Are At War With Mexico

Whether America knows it or not, we are at war with Mexico. And that war was orchestrated by our very own American government. Cloward and Piven would be so proud of Obama. He is following there instruction to the letter and America is in very grave danger. Not only are the people coming across in droves illegal, they are also carrying deadly, third-world disease. And no one in power is stopping them. They are, in fact, being transported to different cities and towns all across America where they are being released. Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Dengue Fever, Lice, Scabies...all of these diseases are being walked right across our border on the backs of their hosts. 

The Mexican military has crossed our border and fired shots at our Border Patrol. Now, Mexican Police have fired shots at our Border Patrol, this time severely injuring one of our agents. Tell me we are not at war! They are at war with us, at least. Obama is such an idiot, he doesn't care that they bring their filth here. He likes filth because he is of filth. He lay surrounded by filth in the womb of his communist whore mother and never knew any other lifestyle his entire life. He is a member of the Chicago Bathhouse....along with Rahm Emmanuel...which is an "elite" club for gay men. That is where he got the name Bathhouse Barry. Disgusting, to say the absolute very least.

In today's world of technological advances in every category you could possibly imagine and several more that you couldn't, there is absolutely no reason for any country to be "third-world". The reason they are is stupidity and a complete and total lack of caring for themselves and their environment. It only takes common sense to realize that you can't shit in the same ditch where you gather your drinking water. It only takes common sense to realize that allowing filthy flies to walk all over your face and your food is going to make you sick. Do these people not have two eyes to see exactly what flies like to walk around on? 

During the past month, I have seen my little Texas town explode with even more illegals. And it pisses me off. To see them using that damned EBT card for 2 baskets full of groceries...with steak...while I can only afford hamburger meat? And they have done nothing but come here illegally to be handed everything on a shining little platter. All with a voter registration card on top of it all already checked off with Democrat. They don't give a damn about their own country and that is why it is in the shape it is. They certainly won't give a damn here. Why should they? They take, take, take and give nothing in return but a vote. 

Obama, you have gone too far. You have pushed the American people one time too many. And we are pissed! Your lies will be laid out for all the world to see. You are nothing but filth. You are a dog, which in the Hebrew is Keleb. It's meaning is a male whore, a homosexual faggot. You are an abomination to God and to His people. And God has measured you and has found you wanting. I judge you not, but my Father in heaven does, and He has said you will be destroyed. Daniel 11:20. (Use a KJV, not one of the other versions that have been watered down and altered completely to hide the true meaning). When God says you will be is only a matter of time. Not in anger nor in war. That means that you will bring about your own destruction with your own two tongues, you lying son of a bitch! 


  1. One can only hope your last sentence comes true.