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Monday, September 16, 2013

Piers Morgan vs. 3 Pro-Gun Advocates in Explosive Debate: ‘More Guns Is Not the Answer!’

Kind of like the difference in being gassed to death or having your head cut off, right Piers? Your argument is stupid just as you are. People who are intent on killing will do so, with or without a gun, you jackass!

CNN host and outspoken gun control supporter Piers Morgan hosted three noted gun rights advocates to debate gun control in the wake of the deadly Navy Yard shooting in Washington, D.C., on Monday. It didn’t take long before the host and his guests were shouting over one another in a heated back-and-forth exchange.

Conservative radio host Ben Ferguson and “More Guns Less Crime” author John Lott both argued that inside the Navy Yard was a “gun-free zone.” Ferguson claimed gun control was “a failure in this base with all the best security in the world” because only the guards at the gate were armed and prepared to respond to such an attack.

After Morgan rattled off a list of statistics on mass shootings, Independent Firearm Owners Association President Richard Feldman said the problem was more complex than that. He said America never had a “grown-up conversation” about the real problem of mental health.

Piers Morgan Takes on Pro Gun Advocates in Explosive Gun Debate


“Instead of staying focused on the problem, we start talking about the particular type of gun used — as if being shot with a different type of gun would somehow be better or worse,”Feldman said.

Morgan responded by pointing on what he believes is the “real” problem: “You guys just never accept that the gun itself can ever be part of the problem.”

The CNN host also claimed there were armed security personnel “crawling” over the Navy Yard base and it “made absolutely no difference.”

Lott replied, saying “when you go and ban guns from certain areas…you actually create a magnet for these kinds of attacks occur.” He also dismissed Morgan’s “Mother Jones” gun statistics and argued that academic studies have determined mass shootings are not on the rise.

When Ferguson again insisted that more people at the Navy Yard should have been armed, Morgan sighed and lectured his pro-gun panel.

“Think about your position! Think about how it helps save American lives! Because it doesn’t! More guns is not the answer,” he said.


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