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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Belgium Newspaper Depicts The Obama's As Apes

The Belgian newspaper De Morgen published pictures of O'Butthead and the Mooch as apes days before the bum is expected to visit the country. I would like to ask just what the hell they were thinking? This is nothing but an insult and I am highly offended. How dare they degrade apes in such a manner. Obviously apes are very intelligent, they throw poop for heaven's sake. To even think that those two "people" could even be in the same stratosphere as an ape is preposterous.

I hope they have learned their lesson and they never do this again. Poor apes around the globe will need therapy if this ever gets around. The absolute nerve of some people.


  1. This is thinly veiled racism and if you can't see that or find nothing wrong with it, something is very wrong with you. This is not right. Black people have had to deal with being compared to monkeys, gorillas, apes... And if you can't admit that, may I suggest you take your head out your ass. I seriously hope you don't have children, lest the little shits grow up to be as deluded as you are.

  2. Call my children shits again, bitch! You are the deluded one. How many times did the media and lefty landers depict Bush as an ape? We're you so highly offended then? You are nothing but a stupid hypocrite. White people have been called just as rude of names by blacks as blacks have by whites. However, blacks call themselves those derogatory names. I don't hear white people running around calling each other honky or cracker or white bread . Don't like my page? Then GTFO! I didn't create the photo, stupid. The Belgiums did. Did you bother to curse them? Lazy whore