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Monday, March 3, 2014

If Putin Were A Scorpion, Obama Would Be His Stomach

Funny thing about a scorpion. They don't have a stomach. Whenever they have their meal, they hold their prey in their pincers to their mouth. They inject their poisonous venom from their tail into their victim which turns the prey into mush. The victim then becomes the stomach for the scorpion.

Obama has all the backbone of a jellyfish. How easy for Putin to cast aside his "demands" as though they were dirt clods under his feet. Obama is nothing but a joke. Even though he embraces socialism, he is too much of an idiot to ever implement it himself. He is a puppet for those evil, diabolical ones behind the scene who manipulate his strings.

Putin has already won Ukraine and no one, I repeat no one is going to stop him. Obama doesn't lead from behind, he watches from behind. Behind what? His own skirt tail. On Friday, Obama promised "grave consequences" if Putin sent Russian forces into Ukraine. Putin has not pulled back and he won't. Because he knows that Obama is spineless and speaks with all the eloquence of flatulence and he also knows that Europe will do nothing because Europe needs natural gas...excessively. And Russia is the single largest supplier to European markets. They need those fossil fuels badly so it will be easy for them to look the other way. And what power, exactly, has Obama over any other world leader? Nothing.

He has proven to the world that he is nothing more than a mouthpiece spewing empty threats and promises. And when caught in a lie, he only has to say he never said it in the first place. And the blind continue to follow him. No matter, all in God's time and all according to His will. Our military will be weakened, along with our Nation. Because Russia will come against us. It is written in the Bible as the battle of Hamon-Gog. Russia is Gog and America is the place without walls spoken of in the book of Ezekiel. God handles Russia and those with them. The battle they try to bring here will not happen. God tells us so. 

It is breath-taking for me to watch as God's word comes alive before my very eyes. I am thankful for the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Blessed be the Lord God.


  1. Obama is a joke and Putin and the world know it. The only thing I know is we need to mind our own business on this one. I am now learning that when the revolution over their started or media did not give us the whole story. It appears the evil Obama regime has instigated all of this, and as usual not backing the good guys, or the lesser of the two evils. Obama is a curse and a judgement on this country I believe for our own wickedness and stupidity. Look what this evil regime has done in Syria, Egypt,Libya and now is threatening Israel. Obama and his evil regime are the ones that need to go.

  2. Russia invades Crimea, so what does Dear Leader Obama do? He prepares a showdown with Netanyahu.

    1. Never have we had such an incompetent "leader". Carter (Lord forgive me for what I'm about to say) would be better to have back. Putin is on a power trip right now. He knows no one will stop him. Russia isn't quite strong enough yet so they could be stopped if some Nation out there had the balls to do it..but no one does, so his little ego is going to do nothing but grow. Make no mistake, he has his eye on the ultimate prize...a US coup. Of that, I have no doubt and Barry is helping him by intentionally weakening our military. Oh, how I despise these people.