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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water

Just like Simon and Garfunkel sang, this whole Chris Christie #bridgegate scandal is troubled water. Not for Conservatives, but for establishment GOP RINO's. Christie is the embodiment of the Progressive "right". And now the GOP is running from their sweetheart like he has the plague and the left is salivating, as they always do when they smell blood in the water.

Now there is even talk of impeachment and possibly criminal charges. Now if I'm perfectly honest, I could care less what happens Chris Christie. He showed his absolute true colors during hurricane Sandy when he decided that the inside of Obama's ass looked better than any caramel glazed doughnut he had ever seen. The American people saw him for what he really is, a progressive POS.

But what people really need to understand and learn from this scandal is how the establishment GOP run away and how the left will band together in order to see justice prevail. If we had true conservatives in Congress, Benghazi would've been settled a long time ago and Obama and Hillary would be in jail rotting in their own filth just as they should be. But sadly, we have people like John Boehner who are doing everything in their power to block any and all access to finding out the truth.

I'm tired of Obama, Hillary, McCain, Graham, Boehner, McConnell and all the rest. In my opinion Chris Christie is just like all the rest. And in this instance I hope the left does our job for us in that they make it impossible for Chris Christie to ever become the 2016 Republican presidential nominee. Otherwise we will have him in the same way we had John McCain in 2008. And we all know what a disaster that was.

There is no reason why conservatives cannot band together to impeach Obama and to get rid of the socialists/communists and every single progressive idiot that we have in charge. But it is going to take a backbone and quite frankly there are not many in politics who have that backbone because we the people keep voting in the very people who are destroying our way of life; our freedom and our liberty and our right to live independently.

I pray that 2014 brings about much needed change. Not any of that hope and change bullshit because we've certainly had enough of that. We need a real and substantial change because if we don't get it then all hope and liberty is gone and we will never get it back. Obama is doing everything he can to become dictator and the left can laugh all they want and call conservatives crazy, but I wonder if they will be laughing when they realize that conservatives were right all along. Because the fact is, it won't be just conservatives who suffer under an Obama dictatorship. The left will suffer to and it will be far too late to change any of that crap that they have campaigned for and I hope that any conservative who hears them griping promptly punches them square in the jaw.

Because the truth is, if this communist crap is what you wanted then you have no right to complain when you don't like it anymore. So Chris Christie can fall and I can say I don't care because all it would mean is one less progressive in power and that will always be a good thing.


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