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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lone Survivor...A Movie Every Liberal Should Live

Tonight, my family and I went to see the movie, Lone Survivor. I was left speechless. It is hard when you know this was real. You know how it's gonna end and it isn't good. I liked in the beginning how they were trying to decide what to do with the 3 goat herding Taliban loyalists. Marcus Luttrell was right. If they shot them, they would be on the front page news of CNN as baby killing Navy Seals and then be thrown into Ft. Leavenworth. But our leftist media would have this ending no other way. If they had killed the 3 goat herders, they would have accomplished their mission and left with their lives. But no, the rules of engagement make such a scenario impossible.

Our military these days can be likened to a couple of boxers entering the ring to fight, only one of them, the stronger and smarter of the two, has to have both hands tied behind his back while the other one can use whatever method he so chooses. We have our hands tied behind our back. This is how Obama wants it. He would rather see all our guys dead than to lift his precious pen to help them in any way.

These guys fought...not until their last breath, but to their last bullet. Every stinking liberal should be forced to fight the Taliban. They should be forced to make their little puny decisions about letting the bad guys live. Why? Because they would either stand and fight and come away with an attitude adjustment or they would die in the dirt in Afghanistan. Most would die. They have no idea what freedom and liberty mean anyway so good riddance.

The villagers in the end who saved Marcus from having his head chopped off risked their lives to do so. It is because some over their follow a tradition known as pushpawati (I may not have the spelling right on this). Basically, they are bound trough this tradition to save people from their enemy. They do not like the Taliban either. 

It was a very moving film with the beginning and middle leaving Patriots with the feeling that they all need to be obliterated, but then in the end reminds us as to why we can't do it that way. Because their are good people their, too. I suppose it is the same way when other Countries look at the liberal dipshits in America and think the same thing. But their are good ones among us here as well.

If you haven't seen this movie, go see it. And for every liberal commie out there....I pray you have to live this, in every detail.


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