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Monday, January 6, 2014

Obama Is Hitler

America has not progressed. We have not moved forward. We have actually gone backwards. Back to 1930's Germany. That is where we are today. At a place that is eerily familiar to a pre-Holocaust era. We are right on the verge. Will we continue on this backwards path and find ourselves on a train to a FEMA camp? Or will we unite and stand against the tyranny and not repeat history? Let's go through some of the similarities here and then you decide. My wish is that Democrats would read this and have their stupid little eyes opened, but they won't. They will follow the idiot blindly and they will drink the Kool-Aid, just as they always have and always will.

When the German Parliament met on March 23, 1933 to consider passing a bill that Hitler had created called the "Enabling Act", it was officially called the "Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich." The people were in distress because the government was in chaos and German leaders wanted to reassure them that everything would be okay. The thing is, however, it was the Nazi's that had caused the distress by creating crisis after crisis. They did this in "secret" so that they themselves could step in and save the day.

Hitler promised the people that the government would "make use of these powers only insofar as they are essential for carrying out vitally necessary measures", so the German congress voted on the bill and by doing so, brought about the legal destruction of the German Democratic Republic. The bill gave Hitler unprecedented power to do as he saw fit. This was the bill that officially created a legal dictator who answered to no one. As the people cheered, National Socialism became the law of the land and there was no going back. (Didn't the people cheer in New York as they welcomed their socialist governor to power?)

Now, we have Obamacare which is the law of the land. This bill has given Obama unprecedented power to create his own private army. We The People are forced to abide by unconstitutional laws and Obama's IRS will be used pretty much the same way as Hitler's brown shirts were used to make people get in line with his policies. Too many will wake up too late for this party and will only do so after their liberties and freedoms are long gone. Obama followers follow and put their faith in Obama the man and despise those who put their faith in God and our Country.

Look at these similarities. And remember, I'm not comparing Obama to Hitler at the end of his reign. I'm comparing Obama to Hitler at the beginning. Obama hasn't killed millions....yet.

  1. Hitler and Obama both held rallies in outdoor stadiums. This was done to excite people. Women would faint or break down in tears.
  2. Both Hitler and Obama wrote autobiographies prior to the start of their run for political office. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf, which means "My Struggle", and Obama wrote Dreams of my Father. Both then wrote a second book talking about their goals for Germany and America. Hitler wrote "A New World Order" and Obama wrote "The Audacity of Hope."
  3. Both Hitler and Obama originally had different last names that were changed later in their life. Hitler was once known as Schickelbruber and Obama was once known as Soetoro.
  4. Both Hitler and Obama supporters follow them blindly and without question.
  5. Hitler used his political power to keep his birth certificate from coming into public view. Obama has done the same thing.
  6. Hitler advocated using young people as a driving force to create an army of youth who were dedicated to his ideals. Hitler had his Hitler Youth and Obama has his Obama Youth Brigade.
  7. Hitler and Obama both have received Messianic comparisons. Both have had songs written about them and for them.
  8. Hitler and Obama rule in direct opposition and disregard for the will of the people.
  9. Like Hitler, Obama has a disdain for the Jews and he will side with Muslims at every opportunity.
  10. Even though it is easy for some to spot the lies spewing forth from Obama, both he and Hitler have been able to mesmerize the people. 
  11. Both Hitler and Obama used domestic terrorists to launch their careers. Hitler had his brown shirts and Obama had Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and Rashid Khalidi.
Hitler had his own symbol just as Obama does. Will we repeat the mistakes of the German people who blindly followed a madman into darkness and destruction? And if we do, who will come to save us? There is no other "America" out there who will come to our aid. The only Country in the world where hope lies is here, in America, and she is falling from grace like a snowball headed for hell. Our only hope now relies fully on the heart of the true American Patriot. But we have to pull our head out of our own little world and get involved. Our very comfort and freedom is at stake. A socialist utopia is at the door and it has a battering ram. 

Please wake up, America. Start fighting back before we are no longer able to even stand.


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