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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Am A Prejudiced White Woman

Take a look at the eye above. Yes, that is my actual eye. Do you see two different expressions depending on which eye you think it is? If it's the left eye, then I'm looking up at something, but if it's my right eye, then I look angry, right? Well, it is my left eye and I am looking up. Here is a little bit more of the original to prove it.

My point is, everything is a matter of perspective. Just like the difference in being a racist and being prejudiced. I readily admit that I am prejudiced but I am not a racist. I am choosy about whom I decide to hang around and who I call friend. I do not hand those titles out willy-nilly. I have absolutely no use for people who hate God, idiots, socialists, communists, Marxists, dumb-asses, pedophiles, murderers, rapists, and so on and so forth. I will not call these people my acquaintances and I certainly do not call them friend. They are bottom of the barrel pond scum and I think they should be exterminated from the earth. My opinion. Obviously, my opinion isn't really worth much because they are still here and they are multiplying at a very alarming rate.

Now, in my list above, you will note that I did not use any phrase such as "black pedophiles" or "Mexican rapists". That is because they come in every single color. So why is it racist for me to say I do not like someone because of that which they are? Because the left has such a small, narrow, tiny little brain and they can't function if someone actually puts forth common sense and truth for them to peruse. 

Now, does this mean that when I see people such as the ones in the list above that I won't use every derogatory word in my verbal arsenal against them? No, because I will. I even call white's like this, "White Trash" and whatever else I feel like calling them.  See, the name I use comes from the "action" the POS in question has performed. Now, if I despised someone simply because they are black, or Mexican, or white, then I would be a racist. This is what keeps a lot of people confused and so they simply lump racism and prejudice together. 

The act of a pedophile is what pisses me off. Whatever color they may be. And I will use whatever word I have in my arsenal, and I have a lot, when I speak either to or of them. If any of these people were purple or multicolored, I would still despise them. Because of who they are. Not because of what they look like. And just as a side note since I brought up the "multicolored" word. I don't like gay people either and I have words for them as well. And they also come in all colors. 

So, in closing, I will affirm again that I am indeed prejudiced. I am not, however, a racist. Learn the difference before you step through my door uninformed and call me something that you have no idea the meaning of.


  1. Well said, well said. Nice eyes BTW, and yes, I suppose that makes me misogynistic and a male pig, according to my PC enemies. Seems I have a lot these days. My friends are few and I am VERY particular about who I call friend.

    Myself, I am prejudice against all, including myself, just depends and your list covers it all as far as I am concerned. It is so popular to brand us as racists when it is NOT about skin color at all. I have stated this so many times but those who truly are filled with hate have no other real weapons or arguments. So we are called racists, bigots, and I will call a spade a spade. If the use of that word upsets those who listen to NPR and watch PBS, oh well.

    I loathe Obama not because he is black. He is actually mulatto, a queer one at that and a muslim but I loathe him because he is a communist. I could not stand Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter but they are white and this is ok with the regressive progressives. I cannot stand them for the same reasons I loathe Obama. When I bring this up, I am still a racist. I would as you noted, disliked them and rake them into the pits of hell regardless of skin color or race. I am a white man, so I am immediately guilty of white privilege, white gentrification, white power and you know the drill. I have no guilt over who I am or that I am white. Geez, some stupid libtard asked me where my white cape and pointy hat was, at the store the other day. I told him and his wife it was in storage until commie traitors like him were standing at the gallows of truth as stated in the U.S. Constitution. Of course they came unglued and thought I was serious. I asked him if he would of said that to a Black man, a Jew, or anyone else? I got no answer and told them to go look int mirror to find the real racists and haters. It is always easier to accuse others and I like you know and admit that I am prejudice, always have been, always will be. I am equal opportunity prejudice.

  2. Hmmm, I'm not one of those feminist twits who can't take a complement without being offended. I'm Southern enough to be gracious with a complement so I thank you for it. And you are correct, they would never say something so offensive to a black, hispanic, or Jew. Only to whites are these types of comments made solely because we are white. I remember being about 17 and I was out riding around with my friends. We were wearing mini skirts, had our hair done and probably too much make up on (the 80's) and we went in to a convenient store. There was a Muslim in there who started telling us that we looked dirty because we were showing too much. So I asked what his women looked like and he pulls out this picture of his wife in her burka. All you could see were her eyes. I remember telling him that she had dirty eyes. He was furious and my friends then started dragging me out of the store by the arm. I was ready to stay and battle but they weren't having any of it. And at that time, I didn't know who the Muslims were or anything about Islam. To me, he was some idiot who was in MY country trying to tell me how to live. I felt he should go back to his own damn stinkhole and live with his covered women. But, to those who are stupid, we will always be a racist. At least I know what I am.

    1. I knew you were no feminist twit, right from the get go. The compliment was well mannered and as one who has looked into many eyes from over 12 years as an Optician, I know eyes. They are not only a window into the soul but straight to your heart and constitution. Liberals hate this as it is only about the humanist clap trap, why can't we all just get along stuff. You know, as long as you agree with them and their agenda. If we don't, why we then we are prejudiced and racist. Would liberals dare call Allen West a racist for his latest post?

      We know who we both are and BTW, I am much better. Not all the way but close and this does not bode well for commies or progressive retards who hate the USA. Thank you for your prayers, much appreciated.

      Thank you for being a SOUTHERN LADY.

  3. " I have absolutely no use for people who hate God, idiots, socialists, communists, Marxists, dumb-asses, pedophiles, murderers, rapists, and so on and so forth. I will not call these people my acquaintances and I certainly do not call them friend. They are bottom of the barrel pond scum and I think they should be exterminated from the earth."

    I feel pretty much the same, but let me ask you, how do you deal with family members who may be one of the above? The reason I ask, is recently, after years and years of putting up with certain family members who supported the Muslim Fascist in the White House I finally said no more. I broke tradition and stayed home for the holidays. It created quite a stir in my family. Not saying I was right, but things are just getting so bad in this country, I wanted them to know, there was a price to pay for their treason. If I felt it was just political differences, like I felt in the past, I would just deal with it like I always did. But this is more than that these days. I believe we are literally fighting for our freedom, and I just was in no mood to pass the stuffing to a communist this year. Your thoughts?

    1. Hi C.J.... It is a tough call but I would do the same if I were in your shoes. There comes a point in time where you have to stand strong in your own convictions. In the Bible, God tells us the difference between a neighbor and a brother and it has nothing to do with blood relation. A neighbor is one who is brought in to Christianity from another religion, such as if a Muslim converted from Islam. Sort of like being adopted in. John 2:9 helps:

      He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now.
      (This is probably one of the most misunderstood scriptures in God’s word. A brother is one that is born of a woman, meaning all people. It is not possible to get along with all people, this we know because people are different with varying traits and personalities and beliefs. See 2 Thessalonians 3:6 on this. Even though it is not possible to get along with all people, we need to set them aside. Sometimes there must be attitude adjustments. That’s life and human nature. For instance there are those in our society that do things that we want no part of. If someone you love is on drugs, you don’t want that around you, so sometimes you have to set them aside because if you don’t and you try to love them no matter what, then you can become an enabler of their addiction. Some things have to be put away and people need correcting sometimes. Even if it means tough love.)