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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Open Letter To The Main Stream Media

*UPDATE* This letter is going to be read tomorrow, 1/27/2014, on Christian Talk That Rocks Radio with host Richie Laxton. The address is Be sure and listen live from 4-6pm Central Time. 

The Conservative Wife
United States of America

Main Stream Media

Dear Media:

I am writing with the full knowledge that you will never read this letter and that if should such a rare occurrence happen, you will do nothing more than mock my words and paint me into a demon of sorts. But my question is, why? Am I not American enough or is the problem that I am too American? Perhaps that is why I am considered an enemy and therefore must be ridiculed and silenced. After all, a lie never did like the truth.

When I was a little girl, I remember watching the news. ABC, NBC and CBS were the offerings of the day. I can’t say that I understood much then but I do recall thinking that the journalists were ones to be admired for they were the ones with all the information that I myself could not gather. That was also during a time when we had what are known as “investigative journalists” and it seemed as though they really cared about finding the story. Now, the stories are nothing more than an attempt to hide the actual truth of the day so that one agenda can be furthered.

I do not know when or why American citizens became the enemy of other Americans. I may not believe in abortion but I have never picketed a clinic or condoned the bombing of one. I simply believe that if a woman feels as though that is her only option then she can do as she pleases; just don’t ask me to pay for it. Why isn’t that fair? Why does it seem good to push forward an agenda that is doing nothing but bringing our Nation down? Millions are out of work and struggling, yet an important news topic is Justin Beiber getting arrested. 4 Americans were killed in Benghazi, yet it is nothing more than a phony scandal to distract Americans from real issues? Issues like how the Redskins should change their name and how Michelle Obama celebrated her 50th birthday? Those types of issues?

The truth is, those stories are fine for the sidelines, but the substance should be the truth, yet you hide it. If I say anything negative about Obama, I am painted as a racist. But let me ask you this; why is he a “black” President? Why is the white half of him so easily discarded? For the majority of us, the color of his skin does not matter, but you refuse to see that because you are blinded by your own hatred for anything that is contrary to your own belief. We are happy to support a black person whose ideals more align with our own but then you are the ones who attack that as well. The Conservative black people are called “tokens” and “Uncle Toms” when they are nothing more than Americans like the rest of us and they only have a belief that differs from yours.

There is nothing tolerant about your party. Not unless you are “tolerating” the rights of those who hate us and wish to kill us. Heaven forbid you should ever have tolerance for a Christian Conservative. I recall Steve Liesman from CNBC stating that Mexican music should be played when Ted Cruz’ picture was shown. According to you, that was funny and joking around. But what would happen if someone on the right said that African music should be played whenever a picture of Obama is shown? You would be rabid over it. But why? Ted’s father is from Cuba and Obama’s from Kenya. Why is there a difference in that one is funny and the other an outrage? Shouldn’t they both be an outrage? A true journalist who cares about the story would believe so.

There are many today who are driving the racism train full speed ahead. If racism no longer exists, then how could the left ever win anything? Your policies are no good for America. Look at Detroit. That was not caused by Conservative policies. No, Democrats did build that. If a Republican President targeted Liberal groups with the IRS, again, you would be rabid over it. If a Republican President said that some people didn’t like him because he is black, white, brown, purple (insert your own color) you would be rabid over it. Gun running, race baiting, IRS targeting, and lying. All of these things has Obama done, yet you smooth it over, instead pushing forward an agenda that is straight from Hitler’s playbook. Perhaps the next time you call someone a racist, you should be standing in front of a mirror. While you are there in front of that mirror, call that person intolerant and a fraud.

I am an American and I am proud to be such. I have never heard any other country with the word “dream” after it. The China Dream? The Pakistan Dream? How about the African Dream? No? No! It has always been the American Dream. Because this is the place where people can come and have a shot at success. Because of our Freedom granted to us by the Constitution. You remember the Constitution, right? That old worn out document that grants you the right to say what you want and live freely? America is the only place in the world where people can come and have a chance for a better life and yet, you are choosing through your progressive agenda to destroy even that. Social Justice? The so-called social injustice is a never ending thing. There will always be something somewhere that someone gets offended over. Before long, we are left with no freedom what-so-ever. Then, even you will be left without the freedom that you feed from daily.

How sad that you have fallen from your lofty place as an institution to be admired, as I once admired you. But I grew up and the truth was a much stronger force for me than the lies you tell. Perhaps that is why you no longer hold any credibility except for those who care nothing about truth. Those like you, who feed from the suffering of those with whom they disagree. Perhaps you feel as though you will be exempt from that suffering, but that is also an un-truth. Look at the ones who are suffering because of Obamacare. They aren’t just Conservatives. Liberals are being affected, too. Your bubble is about to burst and when you are running around wondering what happened, the rest of us will already know because we saw it coming. And that is what we are fighting against. The coming chaos of dictatorship and America’s free-fall into communism. Our fight is not only to protect ourselves but you as well, because you are American. Obama is not the Messiah. Even Barbara Walters was shocked to learn this. But we knew it all along. He is not the anti-Christ either, but he is trying to destroy this Nation. And you, dear Media, are helping him, thereby bringing about your own destruction as well. Your credibility is gone. And income inequality? Well, your fortune is about to follow. You will not be exempt from paying your “fair share” no matter how much you think you will be. You will be giving to people like me because I don’t have much as far as possessions go. But I do have a truth and that is something that will never be taken from me just as my ability to pray to God will never be removed. I can do so whenever I please and because I can do that, total control will never be imposed upon me. You can remove Him from every corner of the earth, but you will never remove Him from my heart.

Should you ever decide to do what is right and report the news as it is, then perhaps you will gain a little respect back. Until then, enjoy your free-fall now because terminal velocity always comes to a very sudden and abrupt end.


The Conservative Wife


  1. I don't want to seem picky, but I think that I may have found a typo. You wrote -
    Ted’s father is from Cuba and Obama’s is from Kenya. I think you need to eliminate either the 's or the is, and have it say - Ted’s father is from Cuba and Obama’s from Kenya, or
    Ted’s father is from Cuba and Obama is from Kenya. Don't worry about it. I make these types of redundancy, doing the same thing twice, errors all the time, or am I wrong here too?

    1. Thank you. I looked at that and looked at it but for some reason, I couldn't make it seem right. Some days... It has been fixed along with a couple of other ones I found. I may have to hire you to edit for me. lol

    2. No, no. I was just trying to be funny. If you were saying that Obama's father was from Kenya, it was right the way it was.

    3. Well any rate, I'll leave it cause I kind of like how it looks. It leaves a reader to wonder if I mean his father or he, himself. Brilliant. Maybe Strauss will show up.(sigh) lol