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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Uncle Sam's Misguided Children

This is a post from facebook from a group that I follow. I love these guys (and gals). They offer a refreshing take on these current events with a no holds barred attitude. This post pretty much sums it all up and I wanted to share. Please read and then head on over to face book and give them a like. Tell them that The Conservative Wife sent ya.

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"I've been reading the many posts and comments over the last 24+ hours and all I can do is just sit here, shaking my head. There is the bravado of the keyboard commandos, the bewilderment of the average Joe and Jane, the hand wringing laments, the mocking statements of the emotionally/intellectually stunted, and the downright verbal diarreah from the left blaming "right wing extremists". Underneath... it all I sense this current of fear. Everyone is afraid of something, conservatives and moderates are wondering "What the hell has happened to our country?" The looney left is afraid that we are finally awakening to the evil they are perpetrating in order to control us.

We are allowing fear to paralyze us, while the left's fear causes them to do ever more atrocious acts. We must overcome this fear,we must channel it in a positive direction, turn it around and hammer it into an effective weapon against those that wish us harm. We must read Alinsky, Marx, Trotsky and Mao. We must learn to fight fire with fire instead of turning the other cheek. We must remove our ineffectual leaders at all levels of government and replace them with men and women who believe in the words and deeds of our forefathers, learning from their mistakes, and taking their triumphs to a higher level.

We must come together NOW, all faiths, all colors. We must stand against these demons whose sole purpose is our subjugation, not just Americans, but all in this world whose sole desire is to live free. As Americans we must lead the way, the world is waiting, holding their collective breath. Some revel in the thought of our destruction, others hope beyond hope that we can wrest our nation back from the brink of the abyss. If we fall, this world of ours will be irrevocably changed in ways to horrible to contemplate. WE MUST PREVAIL, failure is NOT an option, resistance is NOT futile. There are many ways to fight, many ways to resist, we must NOT let up until the evil ones in this world are crushed forever. So many of us have turned our backs to God, (myself included) that I believe he's leaving it up to US to get out of this mess. Its now or never people,if we want to save what is left of our heritage, our way of life, OUR LIVES, we need to get our shit together NOW!."

By Bret Bourg


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