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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Colorado 4/20 Smoke Out Ends With Gunfire And People Shot

Shots Fired at Marijuana Fesitval Pot Party in Denver for 4/20
Photo Courtesy of The Blaze

Wow! Colorado at its finest. First it legalizes pot and then they ban guns. Well, this is what happens when you let idiots be in charge. The shooter? Not apprehended yet. And who could have seen him (or her) anyway? They could all likely be blindfolded with dental floss. This is an incredibly wasted, pun intended, state. The cops even refuse to enforce the laws they do have.
"A sizable police force on motorcycles and horses had been watching the celebration since its start earlier Saturday. But authorities, who generally look the other way at public pot smoking here on April 20, didn’t arrest people for smoking in public, which is still illegal."

This is shameful. This is what America is reduced to? A generation of people who only care about what government gives them and celebrate by getting high? Look at the smoke? You know the police, if they weren't smoking themselves, were high just from the "fumes." Colorado used to be a great place. I don't believe I'll be travelling there anymore. I don't care to spend my money in a place where they care nothing about constitutional rights but everything for those devoid of all morality. If this is our future, we are in deeeeeep trouble. If they aren't careful, they will be on the road to Chicago in no time.
 Shots Fired at Marijuana Fesitval Pot Party in Denver for 4/20


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