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Friday, April 19, 2013

School Counselor In Texas Fired...Thankfully

Texas School Counselor Karon Wright Relieved of Duties Following Racist Post

Meet Karon Wright, the Texas school counselor who was fired from her job yesterday as a result of her racist rant. I wonder how many of the little kids she counseled are white? Did she also wish them to be wiped from the earth? I say Good Riddance, Karon. I am so sick and tired of the racists trying to turn around their own hate filled bigotry lifestyle and place it on me. I am not a racist. Bigotry comes in all colors. Can you imagine if a white person had said this about blacks? Holy crap! They not only would have been fired but the ACLU would have swooped in for the kill in the form of a lawsuit against the school and the city.

Another disturbing thing...3 people "liked" her status in only 21 minutes. I wonder, Karon, if you had been standing there and injured in the blast, would you have refused help from a white person? I seriously doubt it. You would have gladly accepted it and it would have been gladly given to you. A little 8 year old boy died in that blast in Boston. He was waiting for his dad to cross the finish line. His sister had her leg blown off and his mother had to have surgery on her brain. And you are happy about that?

You disgust me. You are filth and I am glad that you were fired. You have no place around children...OF ANY COLOR. Tell me, Karon, how has the "white man" kept you down? Are you not "educated"? Did you not have a good job? Yet, you still hold a hatred in your heart against white people. Are you a democrat? My guess is yes. But it was WHITE DEMOCRATS that fought in the civil war to KEEP THEIR SLAVES. Republicans fought for their freedom. The KKK was founded by WHITE DEMOCRATS. So was Planned order to wipe blacks off the earth.

You are ignorant. You "claim" you were hacked. Prove it! I don't believe it. Take your poison and drink it yourself. I don't care anymore. Not about you or others like you. You are a plague in this Country and in the world. Don't worry about a job. I'm sure Obama has a place for you in his administration. You are just the type of person that idiot loves. Go away Karon. You serve no purpose here.


  1. Not to defend this silly bitch, but "A Petree," you're showing your own version of bias- not all white Southerners, Democrat, Republican, or otherwise, are bigots.

    1. I know Sandra. I was only making a point to Karon. That IF she is democrat, then she is voting FOR the very people who wished to exterminate her race and keep them in chains. Of course not all whites anywhere or any political affiliation are bigots. I didn't mean to imply that they were.