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Monday, April 29, 2013

5 Year Olds Training To Be Terrorists

Alleged Videos: Young Kids Being Trained by al Qaeda, Hamas

In the following video, children as young as 5 years old, dressed in traditional muslim attire, are seen shooting pistols and AK-47's. Forget about the alphabet, shapes and colors. These kids are learning Jihad as soon as they are able to hold the weapon.

What will Jane Fonda do is these little terrorists come to America to wage their Jihad? Dust off their little suicide vest and send them merrily on their way? Most likely, because we certainly can't defend ourselves against them, right?

Not so, Hanoi Jane...If a terrorist, and I don't care how old they are, are coming here to kill us, or even attempt to kill OUR troops, then they better be prepared to go meet God...not allah. Just like Vietnam, our troops have every right to defend themselves against those who hate us and that hatred knows no age.

This so-called religion of peace is the most violent there is. From the moment they are born, these kids hear nothing but hate for Americans and all who do not believe in their precious prophet. Well, terrorists, nobody gets virgins and you are certainly not honored when you get to your final destination. God stands before you and He will judge. Pretty sure you won't like the consequence of your hate filled life here on earth, whether that time is 5 years or 105 years, it's all the same.

These people do not care for their children. They will use them to go and fight a war thinking that we will not fight back against them because they are so young. And if the child dies, then who cares, right? Because they have endless replacements for them. They are expendable. Well, so be it. If they think we won't fight back, think again. This is America and we will fight to defend our liberty and our families. We won't be brought down by a hate filled child.


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