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Monday, April 29, 2013

Colorado...On The Road To Detroit

Cops Blast Tear Gas & Pepper Spray to Break Up Riot Like Colorado College Party

Over the weekend, police in Fort Collins, CO, responded to a college party that turned riot-like. The students began throwing bottles at officers and climbing on cars and street poles after cops first tried to make everyone go home, the Associated Press reported.

“We were going through telling people party’s over, time to go, and we got a lot of cooperation until…we shut the music off. That completely turned the crowd,” Fort Collins police Capt. Jerry Schiager told The Coloradoan. “They started chanting ‘F the police’ and basically pushed the cops back down the street.”
Schiager told the newspaper the officers pulled back to put on riot gear, then re-entered the neighborhood and rolled in exploding rubber balls, fired pepper balls and set off pepper spray and tear gas canisters. The 300-person crowd was dispersed by 10:30 p.m.
According to The Coloradoan, the party had been advertised all week on Facebook. Raucous attendees chanted the Colorado State University fight song as well as anti-university slogans.
“My eyes are burning,” student Karley Schafer told the newspaper as she left the party. “It really hurts.”
Well, what do you expect when you first ban guns, tell rape victims that there is nothing they could have done to prevent the rape, legalize pot and allow those pot smokers to gather in the center of town for a smoke off, which is illegal?

Everywhere liberals have taken control is going down the drain. The fact is, liberals could not survive without conservatives there to bail them out and provide for them, but ironically, conservatives could live just fine and prosper without liberals. And I am talking about true conservatives...not the RINO's like Graham and McCain and others.

Colorado will eventually fall by the wayside like Detroit and become bankrupt like California. Where liberals rule, chaos and destruction are only a matter of time. That's what really hurts.


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