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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Call To Patriots

It's time. Time for regular Americans to take back our Country. To take back control of our Government. Being a member of Congress used to be a duty that Americans had. They performed this duty while still holding down their regular jobs. It was never meant to be a career. But with all the sweet deals and bribes being offered, it's no wonder that the corruption runs deep. These people fight to keep their "job" at all costs. Even if it means furthering the corruption at all costs, even detriment to the American people.

Our leaders do not care about us. They care about spending. They are drunk on the power and they could care less that people are struggling out there. There are families that can't keep their home or their car because they lost their job. Jobs can't be found and the ones that are found, don't pay enough.

Americans are becoming increasingly frustrated. The Obama's only care about more spending and partying with their celebrity friends. And let's not forget the endless vacations. Obama and his followers do not care about us, the people. They care about themselves and how they can bring us down further. They care about bringing America to it's knees because you can't be a dictator to a free people. You have to dis-arm and bankrupt the people. Then they are dependent on government for everything and once you become dependent, your independence is a thing of the past.

I am calling all patriots. Stand up and be counted. Put your name on the ballot. We do not care if you have no prior experience. Obum had none yet he had/has a hatred for our America. If Patriots all across this nation will stand up and say, "No More," and be willing to put their name on the ballot, we can prevail. We can turn our country back around. We can remove the corruption and bring God back in. We can save our children and bring jobs back to America.

Obama wanted to fundamentally change America. Well, he has because low information, a.k.a. stupid voters decided to allow him to do it. They have no clue as to what that really means. If you are not a part of his elite, then you are a slave and he will crush you.

It's time. Time for regular Americans to take back our country. Time to take a stand and say No More. Time to bring ourselves back to God. He didn't leave us, WE left Him.


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