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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reese Witherspoon...Another Hungry Hypo(crit)

Over the weekend, Reese Witherspoon, pictured above, was arrested along with her husband Jim Toth in Atlanta. Why? Well, her husband was drunk off his a** and she was disorderly and interfered with the officers making the arrest. The police stopped Toth, who was driving in the wrong lane, and administered a Breathalyzer. He blew a .139 (the legal limit is .08).

Ms. Witherspoon recently joined other "celebrities" in NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Demand A Plan campaign to take rights away from SOBER, law abiding Americans. But yet, she can't keep her own husband from getting behind the wheel of a car after he has been drinking? Does she even know how many lives are lost each year due to some asshole getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink? Does she even care?

Apparently not. She allegedly shouted to the officer arresting her hubby, "Do you know my name?" As if knowing WHO she is would make all the difference in the world. Because certainly these elitists are exempt from the law, right?

Well, Ms. Witherspoon, you have NO right to be offended because the police arrested someone for drinking and driving, even if that someone is your husband. I understand that you think you are entitled to special treatment because of WHO you are, but sorry honey, you aren't. If you can't control yourself or your hubby, then be prepared to face the consequences. Perhaps we should take away his car and ban him from driving ever again. Or maybe we should take away YOUR car and ban YOU from ever driving again. Even though he did it, YOU should be held responsible. After all, that's what you want to impose on responsible gun owners. Because some crazy idiot decided to go kill people, you want to punish those who had nothing to do with it.

Get your own life in order before you come tell me how to live. And take your "friends" with you. Beyonce can move to Cuba permanently and take her stupid husband with her. All the rest can just go jump in a lake. Nobody cares about any of you just because of WHO you are.


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