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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sandy Hook Parent Gives Obama's Weekly Address

Newtown Mother Delivers Obamas Weekly Address Instead: Dont Let Our Tragedy Become Your Tragedy

Meet David and Francine Wheeler. They are the parents of Ben Wheeler, one of the children who were killed in the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. I first want to say that I grieve with you and all the parents on the loss of your children. It was a senseless tragedy that could have been avoided.

“Please help us do something before our tragedy becomes your tragedy.” What would have been the outcome if someone in the school had been allowed to carry a firearm? Maybe Adam Lanza wouldn't have been able to get a single shot off because the one shot being fired would have been at him. Laying down our weapons will not stop senseless crime. History has proven this over and over. If you want to stop the bad guys, you have to do so with force and yes, that force is from the barrel of a gun.

And please forgive me but I don't really trust too much your choice to be willingly used as a pawn in this socialist presidents agenda. He wants to disarm ALL Americans. He then wants to reign as dictator supreme over all the land. And he is using you and your grief to further that goal. Are you outraged that an abortion doctor severed the heads of little children born alive? Maybe if that same doctor had used a gun and shot them it would be a different story entirely. The news would eat it up and would you then use it to further the issue of gun control? Is there an outcry to ban scissors? What about box cutters? That's what the 911 terrorists used to slaughter nearly 3,000 Americans. What about fertilizer? Timothy McVeigh used it to bomb the Oklahoma City Federal Building. He killed 168 people including 19 CHILDREN in the daycare center there.

Bad people do Bad things. They have since the beginning of time. Taking rights away from Good people won't stop it. I can tell you that the Nation mourned with you. I cried and said a prayer for all of you. Now you are using your son's death to further a political agenda. That makes you no different than Cindy Sheehan who rode high on the coat tails of her son who died in Iraq.

I won't even bother to go in to all the details that are sketchy about this entire incident. There were fake actors playing the part of grieving parents. Laughing and joking until the camera came on, then it was all grief. Do you not question that? Where is the outrage there? Stop being a pawn  and honor the memory of your son by standing up for freedom. Stand up for what is right and stop trying to take rights away from those who would have died defending your son.


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