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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Clinton Chronicles...Why Hillary Won't Go Down Without Obama For Benghazi


If you don't think there is ice running through her veins, think again. Hillary Rodham Clinton will do whatever it takes to preserve herself. WHATEVER it takes. In the 90's, when Bill Clinton was President, a documentary came out called The Clinton Chronicles. It was loaded with facts about the Clinton's and their dealings within the drug industry, money laundering, and murder of those who saw or knew too much. The video is below. Although it is long, I highly suggest watching.

Hillary Clinton has always been the one behind Bill pulling the strings. She is an expert puppet master and make no mistake, she will do whatever she has to do to remain on top. However, she also realizes that her own personality would have never catapulted her to the top. Here is where Bill becomes very useful to her.

During her time as Secretary of State for the 0bama Administration, there were also a number of people who were killed under suspicious circumstances. Andrew Breitbart being only one. The entire Benghazi incident reads like a story straight from the old Clinton days of laundering drug money. My theory is that Ambassador Stevens was running guns to Syria. The 0bama Administration made a deal with the Syrians to release the blind sheik.

In order for this to happen, the Syrian rebels were supposed to kidnap Stevens and in return, have the blind sheik released. This is why the order to stand down came about when the embassy was under attack. However, 2 very brave Navy Seals refused to follow the order to stand down. They went in and fought, killing several of the rebels before being killed themselves.

The Syrians, feeling as though the 0bama Administration had betrayed them and broke the deal, then dragged Ambassador Stevens through the street, raped him and then killed him. The Administration then scrambled to find a reason to blame the attack on. They settled on a YouTube video making fun of the prophet Muhammad. They stuck with this story for 3 weeks, which bought them time to come up with another strategy.

Now there is a lot of information coming out about Benghazi. We know for a fact that Hillary lied. But, remember that Hillary is about self preservation. She will not go down alone, if she goes down at all. She will throw 0bama under the bus so fast that he won't know what hit him until ALL the wheels have run him over. She is ruthless and she does nothing without having her ass covered at every angle.

She has everything she needs to bury 0bama. Now, when she is the one on the line, she will give him up in a heartbeat. Pressure needs to be put on her. If that pressure is strong enough and consistent enough, 0bama won't stand a chance. He is an idiot on his own. He needs someone behind him pulling the strings. His entire Administration seems to be starting to crumble now that Hillary girl has left. Make no mistake, she was one of his top puppet masters as well.


  1. I believe this is just about correct, except I would offer one other observation; Obama isn't as slick, but he is a very graceless loser, and his tactics are Chicago thug style. I believe he has his own murder list. I cannot see him being sacrificed without damaging Hillary. In the end they will both be ruined by their own exposed evil, and I cannot see how others connected to them will also not be indelibly tainted.