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Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Don't Like This "New America"

Change...That's all I have heard since about 2007. Everyone was up in arms and pissed off at George W. Bush. Did anyone realize that the housing mess was created by Clinton? It was his idea to give loans to people who could not afford them. And the last 2 years of W's stint in office was done so with a Democratic House and Senate. Good luck getting anything done there. I am just so tired of the crap that comes from the news channels...pretty much all of them. America is not the same anymore and I'm not sure she ever will be again.

People just had to have "change". Well people, we got it! However, not all change is good. The change we are seeing now is not good. You know, Stalin and Hitler both propogated change. Yeah, they changed things too. Was it good? No, millions were slaughtered. Now, Christians are at the top of the terrorist watch list. That's right...Christians! So I say you cannot claim to be a Christian and still be for the policies of thhis administration! Everything they stand for is against God. So who do you stand for? God or this God-hating group that is running our Country?

You can choose to keep your eyes closed to the truth...that's your choice...but one day, you will stand before God and you won't be able to blame anyone else or hold to any excuse. We each answer for our own sins. Period.

There have been so many scandals and treasonous acts perpetrated by this president yet the media and his mindless followers are clueless as to what those acts truly mean. Do you really think that just because you voted for him that he will protect you? Really? He hates America and he hates Christians and he is working to destroy both at a breakneck speed. I am sick and tired of the double standard. I am sick and tired of being called a racist. I don't care about the color of your skin. It means nothing to me. I care about the color of your character. If idiots were a race of people, then and only then, could you call me a racist and be correct. But there will be people of every color in that group, I can assure you.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I don't believe everything I read or hear. But this administration has committed some of the most heinous of crimes. Benghazi, Monsanto, arming the Muslim Brotherhood, Fast and Furious, post-birth abortions (which is murder), the list goes on and on. He is giving billions of dollars to those who hate us and wish us dead. He then offers a budget that only adds more spending. These are facts. Not conspiracy theories. You don't need a theory when you have facts. It's all right in front of us. It's time to wake up!


  1. I didn't read any of this blather but if you don't like America, go back to where you came from.

    1. I am from America, some level of intelligence and actually read something before you open your stupid mouth. Fucking idiot!