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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The "Conspiracies" Of Obama

Venn diagram of Obama conspiracy theories

I found this chart from Mother Jones. Some of these things I have not heard of. Wow, I never knew he went to Mars as a teenager. While their are some crazies out there who believe every conspiracy there is to believe, there are those who are on to something. Which "theory" is true? Look no further than the ones the administration is trying to hide, there you will find your truth. Take for instance the "gay orgy murder cover up". The story is long so I will just link to it instead of posting it here. Read about the murders of the gay men from Obamas Chicago church here. The link takes you to Pat Dollards website. Let me know if this isn't a good one or if it is. I simply don't know.

Also, Obama is NOT the anti-christ. He is however, a type for anti-christ. Look at Daniel 11:20. Obama is the raiser of taxes, but when you go to verse 21, this is when anti-christ sows up on the scene.But like the real anti-christ, Obama and his kind are abominations to God.

In my opinion, Obama is a sham/weirdo/pervert, but that one circle is the only one that has the most outlandish. All the rest seem to fit perfectly. But I'll just keep an eye on those "theories" that they try to squash. If it weren't at least partially true, then why would they waste their time in trying to hide it?


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