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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Israel Strikes Syrian Weapons Faility

Fox News: Israel Strikes Syrian Weapons Facility

On Friday, Israeli war planes struck a Syrian weapons facility. It is unclear whether the planes were in Israeli or Syrian airspace but one thing is clear. Israel is taking matters into their own hands because they have to. 0bama is not their ally, he is their enemy.

Israel has reached out to us for help and all they get is a muslim slime ball that wants them wiped out. They have no other choice in the matter. There are a number of true Americans that stand with Israel but without the government, we the people, can't do anything to help them except pray. And pray we must for this tiny country that is surrounded on all sides by those who wish them dead.

America is under attack just as Israel is. We have those who wish us dead and they are being funded and armed by our own government. Where Israel is surrounded by their enemy, our enemy has infiltrated and is attempting to destroy us from the inside out. One thing the enemy of both countries discount, however, is God. He stands with His children when they stand with Him. These enemies will not prevail in their attempt to destroy us because God will not allow it.

Prayers go out to Israel as well as to our own here in America. The muslims with their pedophile prophet will not ever prevail. The American Patriot has God on their side and NOTHING will ever stand in the way of victory. Especially not a Kenyan idiot that loves allah.


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