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Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Animal Abuse Called "Trunking"...Very Sick

I will never understand the joy that some people get from abusing animals. They have absolutely no regard for life at all. These are the same types who have no trouble killing an innocent human and have no compassion whatsoever.

The newest trend in dog fighting is now called trunking. Two dogs, usually pit bulls, are placed into the trunk of a car and driven around with the stereo blaring in order to drown out the sounds of the fight taking place. They are driven around until the sounds of fighting stop and then the idiots then pull over and throw the dead dog out and the other one is left to fight again.

These losers are as low as Kermit Gosnell, the butcher of innocent babies. They are of the same ilk. I say we put people like this in the trunk with people like me. Fair fight, no weapons, country music blaring, while I rip them limb from limb. Then we can throw their dead carcass out and yell, "Next."

I know I'm not the only one who would enjoy this. What do people like this ever contribute to society anyway? They are leeches that feed off of the system and spread their disease around like fleas off the backs of rats. They are definitely the tares that grow amongst the good wheat. They will be reaped and found lacking. This isn't judging. It is simply fact. What a glorious day.


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