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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Duke University Raises Tuition To Pay For Students' Sex Change Operation

Oh we go. Now if you are a student at Duke University, your tuition just went up because some weirdo thinks it's their right to have a sex change operation and have someone else pay for it.

This week Campus Reform reports that Duke has raised student fees in order to pay for sex change operations for any student who wants one.Administrators say they will cover the cost of the reassignment surgery up to $50,000 that will be covered with a cause a 0.3 percent increase to overall student fees.
$50,000 for a sex change. If these freaks want an operation to either chop something off or sew something on, then let them pay for it. Hell, I've got an axe and some super glue...I'm just sayin'. It seems these days, the most disgusting element of human filth is just pouring out of the woodwork. What is right is now perceived as wrong and what is moral is now immoral. It's like I woke up one morning in Bizarro world and no one told me.

As sickening as I find this to be, I can only imagine how God is viewing it. After all, He did destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for these very reasons. That cup of wrath? It's being filled as we speak and it's almost full. God help us.


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