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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Occupy Portland Dances Around Golden Calf...God Help Us

Video: Occupy Portland Dances Around Golden Calf on May Day 2013

On May 1, in Portland, OR, an Occupy group decided to dress in Egyptian garb and dance around a golden calf. They are protesting big corporations like are seen on pieces of paper surrounding the float. I see Chevron and Shell oil...Nike, Wal-Mart and Fox News just to name a few.

I have to any of these idiots own a car? If not, then they either use a taxi or public transportation...oil is needed. I wonder how many plastic products they own...again, oil is needed for those. And where do they shop if not at Wal-Mart?

Everything they own is because of capitalism. They would have nothing if not for those folks who worked their butts off to provide a service to the American people. That is called CAPITALISM!

Now, dancing around this golden thing...God was ready to destroy the children of Israel when Moses came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments and found all of them dancing around the damnable thing. In fact, even Moses was so angry that he threw the tablets God had given to him and broke them. He had to go back to God and ask for another set. He also asked God not to destroy the people and God listened.

This group better hope someone out there is praying for them. God is not happy right now. This is why the cup of wrath will be dumped out on His children. Because of crap like this. Those who love Him and follow His ways? They won't be harmed. All the rest? Good luck and good riddance!


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