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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

O'Bummer...You Did Build That

It seems that the president was right for a change...we didn't build that, he did. He built an administration so full of corruption that it cannot sustain itself. There is no honor among thieves and there is certainly no honor among anyone close to this man. Like Nebuchadnezzars idol from his dream, Obama built his "empire" upon a foundation mixed with clay and iron. Clay and iron mix about as well as oil and water and now the whole thing is crumbling. His entire life has been a lie. Born to a mother who was a communist and a father who didn't care about his mother, only to get her in bed...which was probably pretty easy to do. Born in Kenya because his mom wasn't allowed to board the plane being so far along in her pregnancy, and then flown to Hawaii days later where she filed a certificate of live birth. He then became Barry Soetero when his mom married a Pakistani man and the family moved there.

When he came back to the states, he was penniless but somehow found the funds to fly back to Pakistan in the 80's, during a time when Americans weren't allowed to go. Why was he allowed? Because he was a Pakistani citizen. He received foreign student aid to go to school and hung around only those who were marxists. He also met Bill Ayers and they became fast friends. They hatched the plan for his presidency in Ayers' living room. His social security number belongs to a dead white man named Harrison J. Bounell. There has also been stories that he has used at least 2 other numbers as well, also from different people.

His records have all been sealed and when he finally produced his birth certificate, it was easily proven to be a forgery. Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona has been spending his own money to have it investigated. Then there's Tony Rezco and Valerie Jarrett and Van Jones, and....

His list of lies is so large that it makes me dizzy just trying to keep them all straight. I found a great website though that has them listed up to year four. It is a LONG list. Read them here... The fact is, Obama, you did indeed build this mess you now find yourself in. Somewhere, President Bush is laughing at you because this is NOT his fault. When you lie down with dogs, you will rise with fleas. And remember, it was fleas that caused the black death. You are pretty flea ridden 0bama.


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