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Sunday, May 19, 2013

If You Don't Know About Plum Island...You Need To...Now

Plum Island is an animal disease testing facility made up of several labs that study the exotic diseases of animals. It is located in Essex County, Massachusetts. It is designated as a bio level 5 facility which is mandated by Congress and enables them to research diseases and vaccines for diseases that are not allowed inside the Continental US. They are able to keep their bio level 5 status because they are on an island. They also use bio level 3 safety measures for containment.

Plum Island sought and received an upgrade to bio level 4 which now enables them to study pathogens for which their is no known cure. This also allows them to work with zoonotic diseases. Zoonotic diseases are those that jump the species barrier. So the disease can pass from animal to human. It has been suggested that the West Nile Virus was introduced to the US via Plum Island.

There have been many controversies surrounding the island for decades and no one is allowed in. No one! There is an incredible book on Plum Island and all the controversies surrounding it called Lab 257. You can get it at Amazon for around 8 bucks on a kindle reader. Here is the link to Amazon.

Now they are moving the facility to Kansas. The heartland of America. They will be testing some very bad diseases on animals. Very deadly diseases and pathogens. What would happen if one of those animals escapes? Think of how many farmers are in the heartland. This is the hub of our grain. Grain that is then fed to cattle, swine and chickens, which we then consume. These diseases are passed from one species to another. They will be operational by 2014.

This is definitely not good. I could throw this government further than I trust them. Obama wants complete control. What better way to establish Marshal Law then for our food supply to become so contaminated that we then become contaminated. That would give our Military cause to follow orders to shoot Americans. If they believe we are a threat to others through some damned pathogen, why wouldn't they? I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am probably one of the most skeptical people you'll ever meet, but something is going on here and it isn't good. Read the book. It will explain a lot.