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Monday, May 13, 2013

0bama Administration Wants To Share Our Missile Secrets With Russia

The Pentagon held internal talks on declassifying sensitive missile defense technology that it plans to share with Russia as part of the Obama administration's efforts to assuage Moscow's opposition to European defenses.

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Republicans say they intend to block the measure in both the House and the Senate. Let's pray they do. 0bama is dead set on destroying this Nation and he is trying to do so at a breakneck speed. What the idiot fails to realize, in all his self inflated glory, is that, should he succeed in destroying us, what then exactly will he rule? Does he honestly think that the muslims or Russia or any other country is just going to let him rule?

The fact is, no other country will let him remain in power if they are able to overtake the US. He will be trash they throw out. He will no longer be useful. I say we beat them to it. Let's throw the trash out first, before we are destroyed. Why should we let someone else do it AFTER they have taken everything from us. We can do it now. Time to get busy, Patriots.


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