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Friday, May 3, 2013

Doctor Finds Severed Head Of Baby Inside Woman After Botched Abortion

The stories just keep coming and they get more gruesome by the day. We all have heard and read about the horrors coming from the Gosnell debacle, but there are more. This time in Michigan from a "dr." Robert Alexander.

A Muskegon, Michigan OB/GYN observed that he has treated several of Alexander’s patients in the emergency room, including one woman in her second trimester whose uterus Alexander allegedly perforated during an abortion. He states:

"Dr. Alexander perforated the woman’s uterus so badly that it was hanging on by two blood vessels,” the physician wrote. “The decapitated head of a fetus was in the woman’s abdomen and the large intestine had been grasped and pulled away from its blood supply and into the vagina. The woman required a hysterectomy, colonoscopy, and several units of blood to save her life.”
 And yet he still has his license to practice "medicine" even though his clinic was shut down in December of 2012 because of unsanitary conditions. Personally, I could care less about the "conditions" being unclean. What I DO care about are these unborn children that are ripped apart without a care in the world as to their condition.

On the chance that they are able to survive the abortion, they are then turned over and scissors are jabbed into their little necks to finish them off. How painful it must be to writhe in your mothers womb for 24 hours while being scorched to death by a saline solution or to be ripped apart by some suction device.

I am sick and tired of hearing about choice and how our bodies are ours to do with as we please. But this "argument" only applies to killing an Innocent child that has no way of defending itself. I can't drive or ride in a car without wearing a seat belt. Why? If I have a wreck and go through the windshield, then who else did I harm other than myself? I can't have a big soda in New York because it's bad" for me. Why aren't these things a pro-choice issue?

There is mass murder in America and it is coming from the uber-left. They rally together in defense of murder, all in the name of choice. Well, if it was your choice to have sex and you"accidentally" got pregnant, then it's on you now. It was a CHOICE before it was a life, but now it is a LIFE and not a choice. May these women and murdering physicians be forever haunted by the little cries of the babes they have murdered. I have no sympathy for them. The only "choice" they have left? Repent or go to hell.... Hope they have a nice trip.


  1. Along with Gosnell this is just toooo sick and outrages.
    We must continue to bring as much public attention to it as possible not to mention praying for our country.
    Will be sharing this on my blog.